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Who Does Lex See When She's Trying to Sleep?

Lex was leaving the skatepark late that night. She didn't want to go home. There was nothing waiting for her at home but pain and misery. She was debating the pros and cons of just finding somewhere to sleep in the park. It wouldn't have been the first time she slept under the stars. Wearily she brushed a lock of hair, that had managed to slip out from under her black stocking cap, behind her ear. It was supposed to be a clear night. Despite the fact that this was a bad neighborhood to be alone in she wasn't afraid. She had a reputation around her. She wasn't violence prone but she could defend herself. It was one of the few valuable things she had learned after years of trying to protect herself from her dad. The skaters and punks liked her and wouldn't hurt her, the druggies knew better than to mess with her, so she didn't have much to fear. She decided to sleep in the playground in one of those tunnel things. She crawled into one and tried to fall asleep using her skateboard as a pillow but sleep eluded her. Then she heard someone talking right under her. She peered through one of the air holes cut into the plastic tube and saw...

dave stared back at her, "Hey gorgeous what you doing out here?" Dave was a bit drunk and often forgot the way home after drinking so slept here occaisionally.

"I could ask you the same thing?" Lex countered calmly. Being greeted as gorgeous was definately unusual. She crawled out the playground and onto the the ground. Her stocking cap fell off and her long wavy black hair fell around her shoulders, revealing blue and white highlights. She tossed her head to get her hair out her face as she summed up the newcomer. He was drunk and she didn't like drunks at all. Especially considering the only drunk she knew was her father and he beat her. "What's your name?"

Robbie was just on his way home. He had a big backpack on his back that made him walk slowly. He felt invisable in his black clothes in the dark night.

He felt a drop on his black head of hair and looked up. It was gonna rain soon.

Just then he came upon the playground and saw a girl crawl under it and attempt to sleep.

Whoa. He said to himself. She must really not want to go home.

Robbie kept on walking, ready to leave her alone. That's what she wanted, wasn't it?

Then he saw a guy walk over to her and address her as 'gorgeous'. He looked very drunk.

He stopped in his tracks. Watching them. The girl didn't seem intimadated by him, but girls tended to pretend like they were stronger. Atleast, that's the impression her got.