Dave searched in his pocket and pulled out house keys, a wallet, a small flask of whisky and at last a mobile phone. He threw it to Robbie who caught it. "Here use mine, I just topped it up yesterday."

Lex sighed in relief. At least they weren't going to have to use her phone. She really didn't want strangers at her house.

Robbie took the phone and dialed his mom's house. He got the answer machine.

Crap he thought. He would have to call his dad.

He dialed the number and listened to the phone ring for a while. No one answered.

"That's weird..." He said before dialing his dad's cellphone number. He didn't even answer that.

"He doesn't answer."

Lex frowned.

"Something wrong?" she asked concerned. "Why wouldn't he answer?"

"I don't know. He was home when I left. And I had his car, so he couldn't have gone far." Robbie paused for a while. "Maybe he just didn't hear the ring."

It wasn't likely but it would explain a lot for him.

"So how are you getting home?" asked Lex. It was late and she was ready to go back to her playground and sleep. But she had to admit that all this was kinda interesting. "Cab, subway, walk, skateboard, what?"

"I might be headed home soon, maybe I live your way?" There were mobs hanging about and he didn't want to be on the wrong side of them.