She turned slowly to Drew.

"The police said it might not have been an accident... the car wreck." She paused then said quickly, "But I swear, Drew, I forgot until just now. I didn't take them seriously. Why would anyone want to hurt us- I mean, me?"

"Wait. You think they tried to kill you? And now they dragged our parents," he sweeped his hand across in a gesture that included Vince,"How could forget something that crucial?" He didn't sound mad just a little worried. "I don't know you well enough to answer that question. Have you done anything that would upset someone. Someone powerful and cruel apperantly." He muttered the last part to himself, as if it was an afterthought.

"I know that Drew used to be into drugs. I helped him quit and I know that the drug dealer was threatening him because he hadn't paid him yet. I helped him scratch up some money but I don't think it was enough... Maybe..." She said looking up at Drew.

"Do you think whoever it was that he owed money to would be desperate enough to commit kidnapping? That's a pretty serious charge if you're caught. Next question though, what do we do? Do we comply? Do we try to find a way to out smart them? What?" he asked her.

Erica was overwhelmed by his questions. She turned her head and put her face in her hands so they couldn't see the tears that were forming.

"I don't know..." She said in a tremulous and shaking tone. "He killed Drew... he'll probably kill me, too."

"Drew didn't know what he was up against. You do. You have a chance to outwit them," he whispered soothingly to her. He didn't even want to think about what this was like for her. It had to be so hard and he couldn't think of any way to help her. He hated to see a girl cry.

"Drew knew what he was up against." She said turning around, "He just didn't know what to do about it." She paused, "I'm not crying about my life, I'm crying for Drew and everyone else like me!"

He smiled sympathetically.

"How can we get the police there without them knowing?" Drew mused to himself.

"I don't think that would be the problem." Erica said, becoming in control of her emotions. "Let me go alone," She begged, "I've got protection," She said opening her purse slightly to reveal a handgun.

Drew raised his eyebrows.

"That's a trinket you don't normally find in a woman's purse. But how many bullets does that thing hold? Six? Don't you think they'll have more than six men there? These people don't do things halfway I'm sure."

"No they don't. But what are you trying to say?"

"That you get the flipping police involved," he cried. "You are absolutely not going there by yourself."

"The police? What would they do? They wouldn't believed me! The think that Drew's death was an accident!"

"Drew's death yes. But what about the note. That is solid evidnence they can't turn that down. And I doubt they would pass up the chance to put any gang this desperate behind bars. The point is you have to go to that graveyard to get your parents and you're not going alone," he told her firmly.