Chapter 1

I swear I didn't, don't listen to them. I did not kill her! You have to believe me!

She was running, the cold crisp evening air rushing into her face, blowing her perfect brunette ringlets back hitting her every so often. She could feel every time her thin light blue strappy heels hit the hard concrete. Every step, every breath counted in the long run for her. Just earlier this evening she had been freaking out over her outfit- a mini skirt and tank top- and making sure every ringlet of hair was perfect. Now, she was running and she hated running! So… why the hell would she be running then! Right? As if she chose this! Every time she heard her hard footsteps she heard softer ones closing in on her.

"Oh, Come on Becca! Must you really run!? You and I both know I will be catching up to you sooner or later!" The man's soft, creepy voice penetrated the silence.

No, no! This absolutely could not be happening! This cannot be her fate! It absolutely can't be! It—Yes! An opening an alleyway into another part of town she could lose him or at least duck into a store and call the police! She was saved! She quickly made a sharp turn and closed her eyes in relief. Yes, yes! Finally now I can—Owww! She had run straight into the brick wall at the end of the alley way. Rubbing her forehead in pain she slowly sunk to her knees realizing what this meant for her. I…I can't die maybe; just maybe he had an ounce one ounce of sympathy! But, no. I will not beg I have to stay strong to the very end!

Hearing a soft chuckle a man's deep voice was heard in the winds. "Becca, Becca my dear. Honestly did you think you could get away with it? Really ever since that day I…I knew you had to be dealt with properly but, somehow at first I just couldn't do it. Now though I know I will just have to deal with it and do it. It has to be done and I'm the only one who can do it my dear." He reached his hand forward towards her tear-streaked face; she immediately flinched and moved backwards. For a quick moment she could see the pain behind his eyes but it was gone as his smile turn into a frown. "Naughty naughty My sweet Rebecca Brown, my love, you just lost."

Keep your dignity until the end, Becca. You can do this. But, of course when you are staring into the face of death it is a completely totally different story. "I-I-I I'm sorry! I'm s-s-s-ooo sorry! Please, please I just I want to… I don't want you to…Please no!" She bowed her head for a minute letting her tears drop, then she made her face a rock and looked up into the demon's stone cold eyes. Even if this was all she could do she would not give this man the pleasure of her being scared as he killed her, she hadn't screamed yet and she was hoping she would keep her cool in the hope of making this man a little pissed.

"Sweetheart please." He took out a sharp knife in from his pocket. "Don't you know either way, this will be fun." He started to descend on her. "Good bye."

And that's when she screamed.

Across the city in a house with a bunch of teenagers a girl sat with a scowl tarnishing her beautiful face.

"Where the hell is B.B? I know she loves making sure she is perfect but really! The biggest party of the year and she isn't here?! What the hell?"

Another girl came and sat in the chair next to her. She handed the girl a drink and took a sip of her punch at the same time. She took her time answering the girl. "Well… You know RiRi isn't here either. He said he was sick, maybe B.B is also. But you're right she hasn't missed a party yet this year. And Brian is here. Gosh this is kinda disappointing, Grrr!" She pouted her lips and dropped her eyes to her drink.

"Oh well!" The first girl chirped. "We will just have a ggrrreat time without her! She can go do whatever! We are fine without her. Come on!" She suddenly got excited, and slammed her drink down the foamy punch spilling on the table and tugged at the other girl's hand. "Come on let's dance! We will just tell little Miss 'I'm too good for your party' Becca what she missed on Monday!"