Chapter 3

"WHAT? Is that your idea of a sick joke?" Ryan exclaimed. No one said anything. Just when Ryan was finally trying to process the information, that one of his good friends had died, a police officer walked up to the four distraught friends.

"So you four were Rebecca's good friends?" Ryan took a moment to study the man before he answered. The older man looked like he had seen better days. His blonde hair was thinning and was messy as if he had run his hands through it many times. The man looked tired, his eyes sunken in with the look that he hadn't had a good night sleep in a while. Right now those very eyes had taken on an stern look. This man meant business and was in no mood for anything but submission. Looking at his friends he noticed they had waited for him to answer. Taking another look at the man the only thing Ryan could give this man was a quick nod.

"All right, so when was the last time you saw Rebecca? Heard from her?" Looking at this hands Ryan had realized he was holding a notepad and pen. Something had finally clicked in Ryan's head and his shock turned into anger. So instead of answering, since his friends were apparently still letting him do all the talking, he asked a question of his own.

"Who are you?" Ryan noticed his friends give him a sharp look for not simply answering the scary authority.

"The man sighed knowing it would be easier to just answer the teen's question. "I'm Detective Lawson and I'm here to figure out all I can to help find out who killed your friend. Now if you would answer my question."

Looking down Ryan knew he would be of no help. "The last time I saw Becca was Wednesday."

The detective looked properly shocked and quickly wrote something down in his notebook. "We weren't informed that she had been missing for four days."

Ryan looked up confused. "Missing?" Then Ryan realized that the taller man would misunderstand because he didn't have all the information. "Oh! No, I was sick Thursday, Friday, and all weekend actually."

The detective looked at his notepad eyebrows furrowing and he angrily scratched out what he had just scribbled. "Obviously you won't be of any help with this question then. May I ask those behind you to contribute to the conversation?"

Kate and Ashley took a step forward and took big breaths, trying to calm down their raising hearts. Kate talked first, "Well, the last time we saw Becca was on Friday at the mall. We were picking out outfits for the big party the next night."

Ashley with tears still streaming from her eyes sniffled a couple times and whimpered, "I had talked to her earlier on Saturday we were talking about how much fun we were going to have at the party. And then she said she was-"Her voice cracked and she turned to hug Kate.

"I'm sorry miss but if you could continue…?" The detective had been furiously scribbling on his notepad the whole time the two had been talking and he seemed very intent on learning what happened next.