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Kate tripped backwards as a burning piece of something fell from something above, staining her jeans and black shirt with even more ash and dust. Around her the sun shone down too joyously on the remains of a large building, completely demolished and still inflamed in places. Debris was scattered as far as the eye could see from where the building had collapsed. Spotting a group of worried people standing several yards away Kate stood up and made her way to them.

"Please someone help, there are people buried under the rubble," she begged, her vision blurred from smoke-caused tears in her eyes.

Dave heard her from a a few yards away after seeing the building collapse. He ran forward to greet her, "Are you okay?" he was worried although relieved somebody had escaped at least. He had never seen anything like it, it was if it had exploded from the inside.

"Yeah, I think I'm ok, what about you?-and any idea what happened here?" she glanced around again. "it's..very odd,"

Mandy opened her eyes to see pure darkness. She was pinned under a heavy wall of burnt material. Where am I? a voice echoed in the darkness of her mind. Suddenly images flooded through her thoughts. The explosion, the flames, the pain; she saw them all again; haunting her. She shut her eyes tightly as if to block them out. She then realized that she was close to smothering under there. She breathed deeply and ash and dust caught in her wind pipe. In a fit she coughed, her throat scratchy and torn. Realizing that her time was short she began screaming and kicking the board up with her knees.

"Help me! I'm down here!" she screamed desperately, "Please, I'm down here!"

"O my God," Kate whispered turning toward the sound. Silently and hastily she whispered a prayer then turned to the guy. "There is someone under here, help me lift the debris!" she leaned down towards where the cry had come from. "Hang on! Please hang on we're coming!"

James' car halted at the shadow of the large chicken which spun according to the wind. He paused, then closed his eyes and rested his head on the steering wheel for a couple of seconds. "Why'd she dump me? Is it the hair?" he inquired to nobody in particular. He got out of the Pontiac and walked up to the large front door. He almost stuck the key in, but pulled it away, stuck it in his pocket, and pulled his hand out with a cigarette and a small silver lighter. He lit it and took a deep suck, and breathed out his nose, which was actually, not carbon dioxide, but smoke. The cloud lingered in the air, and dicipated withing ten seconds. He walked down the driveway and saw his reflection on the shiny hood of his car. His face looked depressed, obviously, with his eyes, like evryone in his family, were dirt brown, alongside his hair. His chin had a slight five O'Clock shadow look to it, and he looked as though he hired a chinchilla to shave it. He wore a navy blue shirt that could be buttoned, over top a yellow T-Shirt. He rolled up his sleeves on the navy blue shirt, just so you could see the edges of the T-Shirt. He wore black jeans, and was very tall. He strolled down the driveway and onto the sidewlk. He would take a walk, and when he came back, he would feed the cat, have supper, watch Popcultured, and go to sleep. He turned the corner and made his way through a crowd waiting for the bus. He passed them, took another deep breath from the cigarette, and blew smoke out his nose. He walked through the crosswalk and walked another block before reaching Roosevelt Cresent. In the centre were two people looking panicked standing infront of a destroyed building, burnt to a crisp, with fires still in action. Though small they would definitely burn. James' jaw dropped and the cigarette, now half burt, fell out.

"Jesus Joseph and Mary-Lou Carter!" he shouted and ran towards the demolished building. "What in hell's name happened here?"

"No idea," Kate said turning around at the sound of the mans voice. "There was a fire, but someone is buried under the debris, please help us get her out, hurry!"