Mandy moaned weakly. Not realizing the danger, she tried to move. She strained to lift her head, managing only to lift it a few inches. Her fragile head fell back down, landing with a thud. She shut her eyes as the pain shocked through her skull. Her eyes fell shut and her lips began moving reverantly and softly, no words emerging. She was praying.

Sam watched as the girl tried to lift her head, and then desperatly turned to the ambulance. It had disapeared. "Where did it go?" she asked urgently, "The ambulance, where is it?"

Sam looked hopeless as no one replied to her question of where the ambulance went. She shook her head and then turned to the girl who had been trapped underneath the rumble. Her body looked broken, but if the ambulance had not disapeered, she might have had a chance to live. She knelt beside the girl, looking her over. "Does anyone have some kind of first aid kit?" She asked looking up at the people around her.

"I think I have one in my car, it's parked a few blocks away," Kate answered,"-shall I go get it?"

"Yes, please! Does anyone else know first aid? I'm going to need some help." Sam looked from face to face.

Kate left the group and began walking towards her car, detouring into a quiet alley to escape the choatic New York bustle. She turned around nervously as she could have sworn something had moved behind her, beginning to regret taking the short cut throught the alley but reminded herself it was her over active imagination.

James gave a puff of breath as he caught the large piece of rubble. He dropped it and remembered Jet. "I know someone who does!"

Kate ran down the rest of the alley until she reached the open city again. Quickly she grabbed the kit from her car and headed back to the destructed site. Something moved within the alley way but Kate ignored it and walked abnormally quickly until she returned to the destructed apartment complex.

"Here," she said breathing heavily handing the first aid kit to Sam.

Sam took the kit and opened it. "Good," she murmured as she removed some bandages and other things from it. She looked the girl over and wrapped up her most dangerous wounds, then the girl jerked slightly.

"We have to get her to Jet's place!" blurted out James.

"And how are we going to get her there?" Sam asked sharply looking up at him, "Do you have a blanket we could carry her on?"

James thought for a second, and remembered that some things could have survived the explosion. "Were there any blankets inside the house when it exploded?"

"It was an apartment complex, I'm sure there were blankets inside," Kate told him. She glanced around the site but for a split second the view flashed to the building before it was destroyed, followed imediantly by the blurry image of two people inside, then an explosion from somewhere within the building. Suddenly dizzy Kate shut her eye and stepped backwards but it passed. She caught her balance and looked around again but everything was the same, scattered flames and debris.

James jumped into the debris and walked over to what seamed to be a destroyed closet. He pushed the door aside with ease, and began to fumble through pillow cases. He finally came across a charred blanket which looked like it was Mexican.