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"MOVE OUT!" Bengal yelled, pulling his gun out from under his belt. James shoulder-rolled past, his revolver drawn, and landed behind one of the makeshift-barrel-and-box-blockades.

"Kayan! Get out of here! It's not safe!" The dark-haired young man called to his friend.

"I'm not leaving!" Kayan dived down beside him and stuck his shotgun through one of the gaps, flicking the safety off.

Dimitria screamed a war-cry as she danced ascross the alleyway gap, firing her own revolver.

Hayden threw himself down beside Kayan, popping his head and shoulders over the barrier, shooting a few times before ducking back down to reload.

Bengal was periodically peeping around the wall and making carefully sighted shots, cursing visciously in spanish.

Blaze, grimaced as another bullet almost hit her. She ducked behind two barrels as she reloaded. A bullet hit one barrel, blasting it aside. Blaze cursed, laid down on her stomach, and shot towards one of the enemy gang's members.

Andre fired two shots and moved beh9nd a green dumpster to get a much better view.

Kayan threw himself out of the way of the bullet and then rolled back, looking straight into the eyes of the girl who had shot at him.

Blaze held the gaze of the teen boy who she had just shot at. Undaunted, she fired two more shots and the lept from behind the barrel and onto the dumpster Andre had just moved behind. She jumped lightly down beside him as a bullet whizzed through the air past her.

Andre pulled out his revolver and pointed his pistol and revolver at Kayan. He fired five more shots and pulled back behind the dumpster. He swore he hit some deaf man behind him. He didn't care much though, being in the middle of a fight. He looked from behind the dumpster and fired again.

Kayan swore vehmently and rolled out of the way again nearly knocking Hayden to the ground. There had been something about that girl... he dismissed it. She was a Spade for crying out loud.

"Kayan! I told you to get-out-of-here!" James said furiously, ducking down to talk to him.

He glanced at Blaze and then back at Kayan. The thought of someone from his gang, and someone from their's, was just too disturbing.

Blaze reloaded after two more shots. She heard someone shout, but didn't pay heed to what they were saying. Looking over the sumpster, she shot three times at a teen girl who was standing in the alley entrance in plain view

James aimed a shot right at the gang leader's head, knowing he wouldn't hit him but what the hell, he would try anyways.

Andre stopped to look at James' gun. It's barrel was pointed right between his eyes.

James pulled the trigger before ducking down again and noticing... Kayan was gone.