"If everyone supposed to be gone from New Orleans, then why won't the idiots get some of that insurance crap and leave?" he finally shouted angrily.

"Well, you caught me!" He looked frustrated, "Now can I go then?" he said rather hopefully.

"Why were you around here without your gang? Are you a spy?" James him in the side. Hayden leaned over and whispered to him. "Just tell him what he wants to know. Whatever you do, don't make him angry. You won't like him when he's angry."

"I like angry, angry is good! So I'm not here with a gang mayby i'm an assasin?"

James Grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled him right up to his face. "Oh. But you won't like me when I'm angry." James curled his lip. "If you have anything to do with the people who hurt my Kayan, you will pay."

"Ha! Ridiculous name, I've never heard of him. So let me go now or I will make sure you go down." He looked up defiantly into his eyes and kept his glare for as long as possible without blinking.

"Are you challanging me?" James snarled, cracking his knuckles. "I can make you hurt."

"I'll bet you can, after all your a big boy now!" he smirked broadly in his face. "Now here's the deal Victoria your going to let me go before I shove that gun so far down your throat every time you wan't to eat you'll be popping wholes through you stomach. Now...last chance here!"

"Victoria? What the f###! That's it. I have had just about enough of you!" James threw him up against the wall, dislocating his shoulder, and then kicked him in the ribs, after punching him in the face several times. "So. Are you ready to talk?" Said James, who was now seething. The bandage had fallen off of his arm, and he was bleeding again.

Dave laughed and coughed up a bit of blood. "Well done there vanessa, you have more stones than you show. Well I'm ready to talk, depends what you want to talk about, how bout this weather huh?" His face was numb along with his shoulder and ribs, the adreniline held back the pain for the moment although at any moment it threatened to overwhelm him.

Lanie was walking out on the streets when a car can blazing by her. A man poked his head out of the window of the car and shot her in hte shoulder with a small pistol. Lanie fell to the concrete with a grunt. She hoped that someone had heard the gun go off and would come and see about her before she died from loss of blood. As she felt her conciousness slipping away from her she realised that she knew that man. He was from the rival gang.

"Are you in league with the Ace of Spades?"

Jack took out his two pistols and began shooting rapidly at the car. He blew out one of the tires and the car crashed into a building killing the driver. He dashed over to Lanie and removed the bullet. "Come on Lanie, hang in there. You don't and I... and I... I'll piss on your body and spit on your grave." Not really a great threat if a persons dying, but oh well. He tore off his shirt and bandaged the wound. It still bled. Hit a good spot. "God d*** it! First Kayan, now you. What do I have to do?!" He shouted.

Dimitria swore. "Jack! I'll give you cover! Get them in the car, and get the *bleep* out of here!!"