Emily studined the stranger cautiously. She did'nt exactly care for him too much at the moment. Anyway, who rides a bike out in the middle of nowhere. She turned to him on her gelding and introuduced herself. "I'm Emliy of...well not sure....and this is Starfire" she said in a rather cold voice as she patted the red gelding.

Billie could hear the coldness in her voice and felt a bit uneasy, "hello", he said quiter to her then he did to the other girl, "do you need any work needing to be doone at the camp? I'd hate to freeload", he added.

Lou smiled at the strange man and said, "Yeah, sure you can work. You can go get the fire wood for supper while i go get some water. What do you guys want to eat?"

"Does'nt matter a bit to me as long as it's food and it's editalbe.", Emily replied.

"Aye, I'll eat anythin' joost as long as ehts not poisenous", Billie said to Lou as he rode off on his bike to find some wood. Billie walked around picking up twigs and branches off the ground, jumping away from the occasional snake. He rode back with his side pack carrying the wood and he droped it off at the camp.

Lou got some water from the nearby stream and hauled it to the camp. She began throwing things in it and in a little while it started smelling really good, cooking over the fire which Billie had made.

"Sorry, but we can't sleep in the cabin, it's kinda not finished." Lou smiled apoligetically at the two wayfarers.

Emily unsaddled Starfire and Dixie and lead them down to a near by stream to let them drink some water. She hopped on Starfire and lead the mare into the stream. They drank their fill and Emliy started back to camp. By the time she had gottne their supper was already done.

Lou thanked Emily for taking care of Dixe and then motioned her to sit near the fire as she ladled out the soup.

Billie took a seat by the fire and took a bowl of soup, "thank yah", he said to Lou as he ate it. When he finished Billie took out his violin and played songs about fighting minstrals, fire in the fading moon, and devil drinking whiskey.

Lou rocked back and forth in merry laughter at the songs which Billie played. She had never heard so talented a fiddler. After she got herself under control she started to speak.

"I've kept my herd in this valley for two years now and i'm finally getting down to the business of building a perminant shelter. I don't mind the open normally but it gets a little cold in the winter. I have the walls up as high as i can but i need a few extra feet because i don't want to hit my head on the rafters. Dixe has been a tremendous help but she can't do it all. So i wanted to ask you two, in return for a place to sleep and all your meals, could you see your way clear to helpin me with my cabin?" Lou finished with a pleading look on her pretty face.

Emily had enjoyed the music and it had put her in a better mood. It had felt good to have warm food in her stomach again. She sighed with content and listned to what Lou had to say. She thought that it was only fair and agreed to Lou's plans.

Billie put down his fiddle and looked at Lou, "ah coodn't say nu to a face like thaht", he said to her with a slight chuckle.

Lou smiled back at Billie and then stood. "I'm beat. Ya'll can curl up any where you want to but i gotta go check on the cows and then i'm out. Good night."

"Nite ya'll" Emliy replied as she found a nice soft place on the ground to lay down for the night. She kept her hand on her dagger the whole time and slept exteramly lightly. It was not that she did not like these two..she could never be too safe out here.

Billie laid his head on a log and looked at the stars thinkin about what he would do when SoaT got back together, "maybe I'll make a song aboot this trip", he muttered before rolling onto his side and snoring softly.