Thanks to venus, rockyb, Belle (Ella), from Wyrda and to all my friends for inspiration and ideas!

Emily sat bareback on her large paint gelding, Andy. Looking out on the plains made her feel like she was part of somthing. She loved it out here, it was a place where she could get away, a place no one else ever came. Out of no where came the wild band of horses. Emily had seen them a couple of times. She knew what she was gonna do. Andy was a mustang that she had captured in the same band she was watching. She was without a saddle and bridleless for she knew at her slightest touch Andy would willing obey and never hesitate. They just had that kind of bond. As the band of wild horses neared Emily squeezed Andy into a full out run and asked him to join the band. He more than willing did. Emily crouched low over his neck and enjoyed the moment of pounding hooves, wind, and wild horses. She was just about to ask Andy to slow down, for the had been at a full run for about 2 miles now, when glanced to her left and saw someone on a horse. Who is that??, she thought, and what are they doing?

The herd had grown larger since the last time he had seen them wiht his father. He had died when he was 9, 7 years now. This was his dad's life. Making sure that these wild horses remained wild. He vowed too carry on his dad's legacy and keep them from ever disapearing. He was on Rebel, a quarter/mustang high up on a cliff over looking the fertile valley when he noticed a figure on horseback mixed in with the herd. Who is that he wondered, as he took of at a run too get a closer look at the stranger.

Emily stared at the stranger with large, shocked eyes. She had never seen someone ride so well, besides herself. She studied his horse. Wow, nice horse, she thought to herself. She looked at him again and her dark intense green eye's meet his.

As he drew closer he noticed that the horse this girl was riding looked just like the resat of the herd. He was surely a mustang with that beautiful build of his. Joe hoped that he wasn't a part of this herd, if he was, that meant people were coming in and stealing them. He sure meant too stop it if that was the case. Rebel couldn't run much longer, it had been a long run from the far cliff over looking the valley, he knew he'd keep going if he asked, but he didn't and brought Rebel too a halt and waited for the uknown rider too come too him.

Emliy wondered why the boy had stopped running. She was'nt sure if she should go and meet him or not, but Emliy NEVER ran away from anything, and besides she was curious. She let Andy enjoy himself a little bit only and relunclty asked him to slow down and move away from the herd. She meet the stranger on a cliff gave him a deadly stare with her deep, intense, green eyes.

Joe kept his hand on the rifle tucked in it's scabbard, he knew she couldnt have anything on her, she was bareback, but best not too take chances. "Who are you, and what are you doing here. Just too break the ice, im Joe, i think it's bout time you gave me your name too miss."

Belle sat on her mare, Spice, watching the herd below. She marveled at it's size, it was the biggest on the plains. She caught sight of two riders in the herd, and wanted to go down to meet them but then she saw the guy fingering his gun and decided to just wait and watch.

Emily spotted the other rider watching them closely. Andy could feel her nervousness, being around so many people and everything. "Nice to meet ya Joe, Emily said in a rather cold voice as she stared at him, "I'm Emily." She could feel the for this stranger bulding up already.

Belle caught the cold stare between the girl and the boy. She decided to go down there and talk to them before they opened hostilites.

"Hello," she called from a distance.