Emily's eyes widened as she tried to take everything in. Before her stood one of the most beatiful places she had ever seen.

There was a large creek with flowing crystal clear water which flowed over the rocks in various places. On the side of the creek where they stood their was a sea of flowing green grass in a large circle meadow. Sunflowers stood out here and there among the grass. Emily could smell the freshness and alivness of the meadow. Tall trees stood along the outskirts of the meadow enclosing it, yet still allowing the warm rays of the sun to settle upon the flowing grass. On the other side of the creek there was a small water fall wich made a pool of water, that could be quietly heard. The noise was both soothing and comforting. As Emily took in the beatuy of the creek she noticed how inclosed this place was, it was very private and had Joe not known about it, it was somthing she seriously doubted she would have found herslef, unless by accidnet.

"It's...breathtaking," Emily replied, lost for words to describle.

"Thank you for showing me this...it's amazing"

Joe sat a few feet to the side on Rebel enjoy the look on Amelia's face. Joe couldnt deny it that every time he saw this place, no matter how many times, that it took his breath away. He jumped when Amelia finally spoke. Damnt, i didnt realize how hard i was staring. Joe quickly averted his eyes before she could catch him.

"I'm glad you like it. Some people wouldn't appreciate it... that's the sad thing" Joe looked back at Amelia with a sad look in his eyes.

He laughed out loud all of a sudden. "Ever ran through the water before? Its a BLAST" Joe yelled as he charged Rebel towards the small pool laughing all the way.

Emily squeezed Andy into to a lope to follow Joe and Rebel. As soon as they hit the water Emily was immedily soaked. She loved running through the water. It always felt like you were flying over it.

As Joe splashed through the pond a eerie feeling hit him. One of those Deja Vu moments. Joe shuddered and looked back at Emily as she hit the water behind him on Andy with a huge grin on her face.

Joe slid off of Rebel on the other end of the pond to unstrap his rifle. He planned on carrying it the rest of the way.

"Hey, is goof off all you can do?" Joe yelled across at Emily with a smirk.

"Nope, but it's sometimes what I do best" Emily laughed. She was really begeining to like Joe more and more as time quickely passed by. She watched as Joe slid off of Rebel and did the same. Splashing thorugh the water she tried to run to catch up with Joe wondering where they were head, in more ways than one.

With a little bit of effort, Joe urged Rebel up the bank onto dry ground and took off his tack. With a slap on the butt, he shooed rebel away and plopped down on a warm rock to dry himself as Emily splashed through the water. Joe chuckled to himself as he watched Emily soak herself splashing through the pond like a mad bull.

Joe blushed again as his thoughts went back to how long it had been since he'd really known a girl. Much less a woman like this one. "It's my own damn fault..." he muttered to himself.

As Emily came crashing out the water in a very unladylike fashion, Joe couldn't help but comment on it. "You've got more boy in you then girl in you, you know that dont you?" He grinned like a schoolboy at Emily.

As Emily splashed through the water she felt the cool beads run off her sun soaked shoulders. The coolness felt so good, it was nice to feel somewhat clean again. While she splashed around, the water eventually made it to the ends of her hair, making it somewhat begin to curl. She watched for a minute as Joe climbed onto the bank, but found herslef quickly lost in the joy of playing in the coolness of the water.

As she finally climbed onto the bank, she noticed Joe's eyes on her.

"Yup", Emily smiled, "That's what makes me just so irrestiable. You gotta be differnet, being the same ain't no fun."