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Drew walked out the bar. He felt a little tipsy his older friends may have bought him a few to many drinks. It was to smoky and loud in there. He wandered away from the parking lot and into an open field nearby. He walked around staring at the stars and the full moon until he heard someone nearby. He crouched down hoping it wasn't one of his friends looking for him. As he watched a figure came into view and he was sure it wasn't one of his friends but couldn't make out who it was. As the figure got closer he leapt up pratically right on top owhoever it was. He stopped short almost choking on his words. She was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen. He just stood there dumb founded and embarrassed.

"Can I help you with anything?" Mandy eyed the tipsy guy carefully as he nearly bumped into her. Raising an eyebrow she waited for a reply, but he hesitated to answer. Not another one, she thought as she mentally rolled her eyes,Cute and dumb.

"I thought you were one of my friends," he muttered shyly. This was weird. He was never shy not even around pretty girls. "But you're clearly not. None of my friends are quite as pretty as you," there we go he was getting his confidance back at least. "Why are you out here?" he asked curiously.

: "I could ask you the same question..." she hesitated to answer with the truth, "Nah, I'm just out here because it beats the alternative... being in there," she sighed heavily then continued, "I was never one for bars. I'd much rather be out here... with the stars," she looked up and the light of the stars gleamed in her eye.

"Yea me too," he muttered," staring up at the sky. "My friends insisted on buying me a drink. I'm not old enough to buy my own of course. And now I have this killer headache. And I didn't even finish it all. I just want to sit out here and breathe the fresh air instead of all the freaking smoke in that's in there," he complained holding his head.

She laughed at his last remark. "Booze and smokes aren't as awesome as they are cracked up to be," she agreed with him, "If it makes you feel any better I can't handle a drink very well either," she chuckled reffering to the alchohol that twisted her stomach. "Some friends huh?..." she asked, in the irony of it all.

"Yep all that I'll be there when you need me crap. Half the time they're the reason you need them," he muttered. "I read this great qoute the other day. A Friend's Love says: " If you ever need anything, I'll be there." True Love says: " You'll never need anything; I'll be there." That was random I know but it seemed to fit in the context," he laughed softly.

Joulean couldn't help but laugh with him. "I like that," she commmented reflectively. Wow, she thought Maybe he is different. Maybe he's cute and not dumb.

"You don't seem like the average teenage guy," she said in passing as she turned her eyes towards him, "Some people would find something wrong in that... but I... kinda like it," she smiled then hurriedly turned away, " I guess you could call that random..." she giggled, a little embarassed to wear her emotions on her sleeve.

"Pretty much as random as my qoute," he laughed," And thank you I like being different. Especially if you like it," he smiled flirtaseously. "You're actually pretty cool yourself. I like it out here much better than in there. The company's better. Drew," he introduced himself holding out his hand.

She smiled back, and put a locke of hair behind her ear. Silently she scolded herself Why do I have to do stupid things like that?! "Mandy," she told him confidently as she took his hand. His grip was firm and confident.

"Mandy, I like that. So Mandy come sit," he patted the ground on the side of him. "So Mandy tell me about yourself," he suggested smiling invitingly.

"What's there to know?" she asked, sitting next to him as he had asked her to do. "What you see if what you get," she laughed. "Nah, my life isn't terribly interesting,but it isn't boring. I want to travel," she said randomly with a longing in her tone, "There is only so much that one can do in a small town like this. I guess that's why most go to these sorts of places," she said pointing to the bar. "And what about you?" She asked, turning the tables. She was quite intrigued so far, and waiting curiously to hear his story.