Robbie lay there on the floor, being suffocated by his pain. He saw faint outlines of figures as people rushed into the cafe. They went everywhere, searching for any injured.

A few seconds later, people were at his side and heaving him onto a stretcher. They tore his shirt to look at the wound as they rolled him into an ambulance. As they brought him into the ambulance paramedics crowded around him shouting things back and forth.

They gave him an oxygen tube and struggled to keep him awake. But it was useless. After only a few moments he went unconcious.

Robbie woke up a few hours later in ICU. He blinked his eyes and saw...

Mandy, was bent over the hospital bed, looking at the guy, who's name she learned was 'Robbie'. He had taken a bullet that morning same as she. She held her arm gingerly in a sling, and looked at the sleeping face of the boy in the hospital bed. His dark lashes began to quiver, and soon his lazy eyes propped open.

Mandy smiled sweetly, "Hey," she said to him, in a soft voice. What else had she to say? She'd wait for his response.

Robbe found himself looking into the face of a beautiful girl. He didn't recognize her face but he remembered her voice. She was girl who was shot at the cafe. As if to prove the point he saw that her arm was in a sling.

"Are you okay?" He asked slowly.

Drew sat in a chair in the corner of the room where they were waiting for this guy to regain conscienceness. The police had asked him tons of questions and arrested that son of a... Anyway he jumped as the guy seemed to come to and Mandy began talking to him.

Mandy, for a moment, had forgotten about her wound, "I'm fine," she assured him, "It's you that I'm worried about." She walked closer to the bed; the heart monitor beeping loudly in her ears. "They say you're gonna be just fine. But being treated like a pin cushion doesn't look like too much fun," she said referring to the needles and tests being run. "Are you in alot of pain?"

Robbie then opened his mind to his sufferings. He barely felt the needles but his wound still hurt him despite the many pain medications he was taking via the tubes.

He closed his eyes and pushed his head farther up the pillow. "Not much." He lied.

Suddenly his eyes shot up as he remembered something. "Did they catch him?"

Mandy sighed, exasperatingly, "No the jerk got away. But don't worry about it."

"Got away. I swear that police force is our tax money going to waste.

"There is absolutely no reason that he should have gotten away. I mean he was right there on the ground with a huge slash in his leg. I swear..." Drew trailed off muttering darkly under his breath.

"I wonder how far away he is by now..." Robbie muttered under his breath.

"Well I'm sure he's still in the city. But that doesn't really narrow it down much now does it?" Drew muttered cynically.