To never have to grow up.

To never have to grow old.

To always live in Never-Never Land.

Nothing ever changed in his world. Except for maybe the seasons, but even then they were caught in the trap of monotony. Spring would creep in every 92nd day and autumn would begin exactly 104 days after that. 3,122 snowflakes would drop from the skies in the winter and 3,956 flowers would bloom during spring.

Everything there was frozen in time. No new faces to be seen. No new places to be discovered. There was never anything to look forward to. That place, his life—they were like a song put on repeat for eternity.

And that was why I thought I could never stay with him. I needed change. I needed to live. Back then, the mere thought of standing still was earth-shattering to me. Staying would have killed me.

Then again, that's what living has done to me.

The possibility of not being to handle living never occurred to me. Then again, I never could have imagined that such a paradise could exist. But I was lucky enough to find it. Or maybe it found me. It'd always seemed simple as a child: To live was an adventure I was eager to embark on. And to be trapped in a snow globe was not something I wanted. Living was to be free and fail. To get back up and try again and again until I so desired.



I thought I escaped confinement when I'd turned my back on his world. But I was very horribly wrong.

The moment I fell it was hard and fast that I hardly could distinguish it from a dream. Lights and blazing white flashes in my eyes. And fire. My surroundings flickered and consumed; this was time attacking a timeless girl and it hurt, it hurt so much, like an all-encompassing inferno. I thought I had died and somehow found myself in hell. That escape, however, would have been far too easy and I would have been much too fortunate.


I wanted to go back to him.

take me back...

I wanted to go to paradise. were right...

I wanted to stop being alive. fucking hurts.

Author Notes:

First and foremost, I want to give a very special thank you so my wonderful beta-reader Tessa. Without her this prologue would have been a sea of grammatical errors. But, of course, thank you readers for giving this newborn a chance. I hope you've enjoyed the gloomy and angst filled prologue. The next chapter should be out within a week and I promise there will be romance later on. Please be sure to leave feedback.