Thanks to narina, Kody Stanley, Eldin, for their wonderful character and plot ideas. You're the best except for my lovely fans who are really the best! Lots of love!

Lex ran rapidly down the street, full of graffittied buildings and burnt out street lights. She knew she was being followed but she knew she would be safe if she could just get to the gas station that lay around the corner. She glanced back over her shoulder to see if she could see anyone. That moment cost her dearly. Before she knew it she was sprawled out on her face with a busted, bleeding lip and her skateboard rolling away, back the direction she had come.

"Curse stupid gangs," she muttered depsite her quickly swelling lip. She jumped to her feet and dashed after her skateboard, ignoring a slight limp in her right leg. She mentally calculated how much time she was losing going after the skateboard and how much longer it would take to get to safety and how much of her head start she was losing by going back. "Well I could't exactly leave it," she snapped at herself. With her board safely in her arms she began running again but now she could hear the cruel laughter and when she looked back the gang of boys was coming around the corner. She sobbed wearily, doubting she would find a way out of this one.

"Go back to frickin' hell hole you came out of," she shouted back at them knowing it would do no good.

John walked down the street. He had just got stoned. All of the sudden he heard people yelling. Being paranoid he thought it was the cops and began running. Then he saw a red and blue neon sign out of the corner of his eye and ran even faster. He was freaking out. He saw a corner up ahead and took it as fast as he could without falling down. He saw a girl in his way and tried to jump out of her way but did not make it. He clipped her shoulder and landed in the road. He looked up and saw a car coming, figuring it was the fuzz he pulled out a gun from his waist. They had gotten his brother but would not take him. He fired off a five rounds at the car and struggled to get up.

Lex just stood shocked into immobility. First some guy had come hurtling out of nowhere, attacked her or so she had thought, and then pulled out a gun and began shooting at the gangs. Soon enough they all ran from the gun, apperantly, and thankfully, they didn't have any of their own. When it was clear Lex went help him as he struggled to get up.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked confused but grateful.

John struggled to get up and stepped back from the girl. "John Ramage, but you can call me Brain Damage Ramage. Waaait you who are you?. aren't the cops are you," John stuttered pointing the gun at her. "You won't take me!I won't let you! Get back, I'll shoot. I'll never go to jail!"