Lex also bucked up and prepared for landing.

"How long do you think it will be till that con artist joins us?" she asked John.

"An hour or so. Till then we can get some lunch," John said his stomach aching. Right after he said this they touched down. John waited till they were ready to go and grbbed his bag. He stepped into the isle and blocked the flow so Lex could get infront of him.

"Thank you," Lex said stepping out and walking out of the plane and into the airport. "Any clue what fast food places they have in Europe?" she asked him.

"I don't know hopefully a Mc Donalds." John took her hand and followed her. They walked into the lobby after going through customs and stuff. John grabbed two of evrey English thing possible and stuffed them into his bag handing a set to Lex. "Guess we wait now."

The man followed them as they got off the plane. He was nearly the first off, and he had nothing else to do, after all. He was free now, but someone was bound to be keeping tabs on him, so he could do anything, so long as he kept guiding them. "You know, when I said luggage check, I meant for our flight." He announced as he caught up, sounding more then a little annoyed.

"Well i don't think you really have any where else to go now do you?" John shouted at the man and a few people looked at them. He was tired and took it out on him. "From what I figure i could get 1,000 dollars from you a week and you would still give it to me!" John looked at the man who had so wanted to follow them to Europe.

"Shut up, twit. The people here can't be expected to know a foreign language to them, such as English. I know eleven languages, and you'll need most of them. If you wind up reading those maps wrong, who will know where to go already? Her? Who will know how you're paying them? Who will arrange your hotels and food and who can keep you both alive without it? Me. You're getting da** good guidance that I normally charge a thousand or more dollars a day for, and if I wanted I could stop paying you and run off into the woods. At least there the locals don't expect me to do whatever they want when I'm the key to their entire survival." The man said, about ready to pull out a knife on the man he was paying to, appearantly, yell at him. He was above this, and he didn't need to take a load of insults from a halfwit.

"Yeah but you won't. So show us a Burger King or something." John was kinda enjoying this now. He knew the man would not leave. "Face it you need us or you would not pay us."

"Could you two just try not kill each other?" Lex commented disdainfully, although she was slightly amused. "A Burger King sounds really good. Let's go before someone calls the cops on the group of Americans disturbing the peace. Taking John's hand she led the way out the airport.

John followed her looking for a cab. He found one and it stopped. He held the door open for Lex then got in. "You tell him," said John to the guide.

The man said, in another language "stay for a few minutes. I'll pay you double for staying as going, and pay you for going soon." He sat next to the driver and handed him a strange looking bill, then the driver pulled the key out of ignition and sat.

The man smiled, clasped his hands together and twidled his thumbs.

"What are you doing? We are hungry. Why is he not going?" John looked at the 'guide' confused. He was hungry and the driver had pulled the key out. As if on que his stomach growled.

"You don't know, right? And I'm not gone yet. Just keep in mind, I'm not controlled easily and you'd still be lost without me. I need to pose as though I am working, and I will be treated respectfully whilst I do so." He handed the man another stange bill and said something, then they were moving.

"Fine." The cab lurched into motion and they were headed to where ever. Mabey even a serial murder's place but as long as they were not back in America.

Lex sighed annoyed at the situation. Why couldn't they just have a little good luck for once? She told John this as she watched the interesting new scenery flash past.

"I'm sitting right here, you know." The man said, once more clearly annoyed.

"Yeah, we now." John turned back to the window and watched the buildings and cars go by. Then he reached into his back pocket and pulled a tweny from his billfold. "Here you gave us one to many."