The Characters:

Kate Merna: The main character of the story who gets knocked up at a party by her crush. She's a sixteen year-old sophomore at East McAllister High School. She has dark brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back, and green eyes.

Mark Swayne: Kate's crush, and the boy that gets her pregnant. He plays main guitar in a band that he started with his friend, Zak Freeman, called Razor, and also plays lacrosse (he and Zak are on the same team) for East McAllister High. He's a seventeen-year old junior. He has dark blond hair, and hazel eyes.

Hailey Hess: East McAllister's baby mama and slut before Kate gets pregnant. She was knocked up by Brett Romo, the captain of the football team, when she was a freshman, and now has a little boy named Danny as a result. Hailey becomes Kate's best friend after her other friend, Nina Simms, turns against her and ditches her for the popular group. Hailey's a sixteen-year old sophomore. She has long, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes.

Zak Freeman: Mark's best friend, band mate (he plays bass guitar), and lax teammate. He's a little like a guardian to Mark, in that he helps him make good choices, acts as the voice of reason, and supports almost everything he does. Zak's also a seventeen-year old junior. He has short, kinda' stringy dark brown hair, and green eyes.

Gavin Merna: Kate's hockey-playing, easy-going, witty older brother. He's fiercely protective of his little sister, and would do absolutely anything for her. He's an eighteen-year old senior. He has short brown hair and light brown eyes.

Eve Merna: Kate's mom, who teaches kickboxing over at the Lifetime Center. She loves her kids to pieces, and supports them in everything they do. She's about 38. She has long brown hair and green eyes.

Thomas Merna: Kate's dad, who works at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago as a pathologist, and also coaches the McAllister hockey team. He's 40. He has short, dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Nina Simms: Kate's old best friend that got super-jealous and went to the dark side after hearing that Mark knocked her up. If it weren't for the ginormous crush she has on Mark and the feeling that she'd been betrayed by Kate (teenage logic makes ZERO sense sometimes), Nina would probably still be friends with her. Oh well… Nina's (yet another) sixteen-year old sophomore. She has shoulder-length, brass-colored hair and light brown eyes.

Amee Goff: Mark's super-bitch of a girlfriend (for the moment). After she hears about Mark getting Kate pregnant, she wants to do nothing more than annihilate her. MERCILESSLY. She quickly takes Nina under her wing, and gets to scheming. WHAT A BITCH. She's a sixteen-year old junior. She has long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Leah Schultz: Ah yes, the rebel prep. Leah starts out as Amee's second-in-command, but later ditches Amee and sides with Kate and Hailey. She's a seventeen-year old junior. She has long, platinum-blonde hair and gray eyes.