It's been soooo long since I've made a new song. School keeps me busy but finally I wrote one! This is based on a story of mine. It's kind of like the theme song I guess.

This is not the Wonderland you know, it's covered in sins.

The Alice you know never existed; it was just a twisted lie.

The Dice of Gemini is a the major piece in this board game,

Destined to predict Wonderland's fate.

Once you see the wind blowing,

It's a sign that 'they' are here.

They roam and kill in Wonderland.

No one is ever safe.

It's that time of year again; time to decide Wonderland's fate.

It's a continued cycle that repeats itself, will it ever end?

The first time the Dice were rolled, it landed on a two.

Do you know what that means?

Half of the population died of a mysterious disease.

Families and couples separated from each other.

The physical disease caused very deadly mentals.

The rest of the population went along with it.

Isn't death a Wonderful thing?

"The Alices are here! Where do we go?"

"There is no place you can hide."

"Death is all you'll see."

"This is just Child's Play."

The Dice rolled once more, landing on the dreaded five.

Everyone just stood in awkward silence.

Soon, the wind began to blow and children's voices echoed.

A deadly lullaby crushed Wonderland in its finest.

Some notes so you won't be confused:

-The Dice of Gemini:
Every 1000 years who ever rules Wonderland at that time HAS to roll the Dice of Gemini (which is just a giant pair of dice catapulted from a ancient catapult). The Dice decide Wonderland's fate. For example in the song when the dice landed on a two and five. Those were two different outcomes for the fate of Wonderland. Five is the worst.

-Child's Play/'they'/Alices/Wind Blowing:

All those are related to the same thing. Some myterious being or beings. Which I refuse to tell you about because it's a major part of my story and I don't want to spoil it.

-"The physical disease caused very deadly mentals":

What that line basically means is when people began to loose the one closest to them they began to go insane and thus kill themselves.