Simon Diamond Cramer

As a child I was jealous of our cats.

I saw their strength and grace,

speed through power,

sharp eyes that glow in the dark.

I longed for a tail, long or bushy

or (even better) prehensile,

just as long as it had fur,

forgetting of course that I,

a human child, wore pants

with alarming frequency,

and sat in chairs nearly as much.

I sang from "Cats" (the show)

and asked our grey one just

what makes a feline Jellicle.

When the black cat circled me,

crossed my path and begged incessantly

for pets, I would move too fast,

forgetting if a kiddie twenty times

my size charged me with amorous intent,

I'd run just as quickly.

But still I wonder with a fading grin:

Was the Cheshire Cat a Jellicle too?