Simon Diamond Cramer

Have you been here?

The ring of menhirs, giants' toes,

Pokes through the slowly rising snow,

But when the ghostly wind-chime throws

Us all back here;

Back to our first forgotten chance,

Again we dance a desperate dance

To help avoid the circumstance

That brings us here.

So take the softly thrumming stone

Bound to your hand, your mind, your bones

And link it with the constant tone

That echoes here.

Perhaps this time, we won't return,

Drawn by our curse. This time, we've learned

The proper rite: whose bones to burn

To flee from here.

And once we've danced the world's decay

We'll all be free, and dance through time.

But still, can we avoid the day

We'll feel the chill and hear the chime?

Can we resist when our hearts say,

"Have you been here?"