Night School


Chapter 5: The Queen of Nightmares

Note: This is a girls love story, and there will be scenes of a graphic sexual nature.

The young students were crying, demanding answers, or standing around catatonic. Saeko and Botan-chan had rounded them up as well as possible, defending them against the bizarre monsters. Her Cupola di Protezione spell kept the students safe as long as she kept an eye on them, but the magical dome seemed strong enough to prevent the monsters from harming the students within.

"Botan-chan, stay here and guard the students," Saeko ordered. "I'm going to go look for more. Maybe someone sought shelter in the church."

Botan-chan nodded gravely. "Understood, Mistress!"

Running swiftly, Saeko made her way to the church. The strange phantasmal structures that had appeared around school grounds were deeply unnerving, but the three unblinking violet eyes hovering menacingly in the sky were truly nightmarish. What was that thing looking down at them?

What kind of magic is this? Saeko thought. It would take an incredible power to alter our world like this. It's like another world was forcibly merged to ours, and these monsters are the inhabitants of that other world!

She didn't recognize any of the creatures, but they were indisputably hostile to the Fae, trying to kill them or at least trying to hold them down to…do something. She had spotted a big creature with huge limbs shining a black light on a small boy, and something emerged from the boy's body and popped into colorful lights. The creature left the boy after that, but he seemed comatose. Hopefully a doctor would be able to help him and any other victims.

Where were the other professors? Saeko had noticed doors had been blocked with brick walls and steel plates, but was she the only one to have gotten outside? She had been walking along with Botan-chan, talking about Japan and her niece Akiko when the sky turned black and a fog rolled in. They spotted the eyes and the monsters moments later, and got to work trying to save any students caught outside.

I hope everything's all right inside the buildings! She didn't want to consider that the interiors had become a hellish monster-infested slaughterhouse. If those monsters were loose inside too then they might loose many younger students.

The church loomed up ahead. Saeko had never really been sure about having a church on the grounds of an academy for Fae, given that the Christians had executed so many during the Middle Ages of Europe (although human cultures all over the world retained a fear of the Fae and would kill them when possible). It had been explained a few Fae were religious, but the church was most likely built just to look normal to humans.

Saeko stepped on something strangely soft. She stepped back and saw the grass was littered with piles of ash. She frowned; the creatures turned the ash when killed, so many must have all died together. Perhaps they ran into Alucard and he destroyed them all. Was he inside the church?

Saeko walked up to the open door and heard voices inside. She was about to call out to whoever was there, but she held back. Something told her to be cautious. She pressed herself against the wall to the left of the door.

"This is our Jenseitswald base," a girl's voice with very little inflection spoke in English with no particular accent.

"What do you mean?" another girl spoke, this one with a French light accent. It sounded slightly familiar.

"Our secret empire. The 'Golden Night Order'."

Golden Night Order? Saeko frowned. She had never heard of that particular group before. It sounded like a strange new religion. The name reminded her of Great Britian's Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Perhaps the Golden Night Order had something to do with the strange phenomena.

"What's the 'Golden Night Order'?" a bossy female Austrian voice demanded. Saeko immediately recognized it as that of Ursula von Grau. Saeko strained to hear more.

"The secret empire spread over thousands of worlds across the Multiverse," came the bombastic voice of Father Francisco. Saeko was stunned. The campus Catholic priest was a member of the Golden Night Order? By the proud tone of his voice it sounded like he was almost ready to sermonize on the group.

"We have a grand mission," Francisco continued, "but the details are too incredible to explain. You shall understand once the Messiah is properly educated on the matter. For that, you must travel to the Holy Land in the darkness."

"Nurse Takagi?" Saeko was shocked to recognize Kukla Malyutin's voice too, but she was far more surprised to hear the name the little Witch had spoken.

"Indeed, it is me." Saeko froze. There was no mistaking the voice of the woman she had spoken to only a short while ago. "My life here at Schwarznebel Academy was just a ruse though. I am really the herald of the Golden Night Order and one of the founding members, Miraju."

Miraju? Saeko felt confused, a sickening sense of betrayal knotting in her stomach. Rika, the woman she had greeted so warmly, the new nurse she considered her friend, wasn't who she said she was at all. Then what was her purpose for making a new identity and posing as a school nurse in the first place? Rika had arrived two years earlier when the previous nurse had died in an accident. A chill washed over Saeko as she considered the possibilities.

Francisco had been with Schwarznebel Academy for six years though. Had he always been a plant, or did he join later on? It was possible the real one had been killed and replaced with a look-a-like or a clone, but Saeko wasn't sure how realistic that was. Francisco had very few friends and kept to himself, so it wouldn't be too hard to replace him.

"Ah, I theorized you were the one, Aimu Myouga. I had seen in your dreams the eyes of our great queen, but many imaginative dreamers can see her too. Natalie Clifford and Renée Tarn could see the eyes just as you did. However, the queen's creatures are able to sense your divinity enough to know you are our Messiah."

So Rika—Miraju—was responsible for the bizarre distortion of reality. Saeko's conscience told her to go in and confront the woman before whatever it was she was planning went any further, but if she was indeed the cause of the change outside then she would be unbelievably powerful as a mage.

It made a certain amount of sense for Aimu Myouga to be the messiah of the strange cult. It was no secret in the Fae and mage community of Japan and East Asia in general that the Myouga family was descended from Queen Himiko. There were Fae who still worshiped Himiko like some twisted humans venerated the likes of Hitler and Stalin, thinking she was right to oppress non-mages and non-Fae. Myouga scored very highly in a number of ways, and was very advanced as a mage. Her wealthy parents had both died a year before she was accepted into Schwarznebel Academy—perhaps Miraju or even Myouga herself had a hand in that? Beyond that though Saeko knew very little about her since she kept quiet most of the time.

"Well then," she heard Myouga say impatiently, "could you please explain all of this to us?"

"You must travel to the Holy Land to understand," Miraju said. "Come; we shall take you there at once."

Holy Land? Saeko wondered which holy land she referred to.

She heard a strange sound from inside the church, and then Miraju spoke again. "Only you need come. The others may stay here. If you wish, they will be safe, or they can die if you no longer need them."

Saeko gasped, unable to believe what Miraju just said. Surely Myouga wouldn't just allow von Grau and whoever else was with her to be slaughtered, would she?

"I wish for them to accompany me," Myouga said forcefully.

Saeko sighed with relief.

"Very well," Miraju said. "It's your choice." Her voice was as sweet as it usually was, but something about it suddenly terrified Saeko.

"If something happens to me," Myouga said, "please kill these untrustworthy people."

Saeko guessed she was addressing von Grau and her other companions. It seemed Myouga didn't trust Miraju.

Myouga's spoke again, but her voice echoed and sounded like it was being shouted from a long distance. "All right, it seems safe. I don't know where I am, but I want you with me."

Other female voices chattered excitedly, and footsteps followed. As soon as they started, the voices and footsteps fell silent.

"I and Imajin shall accompany them," Miraju said to someone. "It's been a long time since I was in the Holy Land. I want to ride in triumphant, the Messiah at my side."

"How marvelous," Francisco said, sounding more like the coolly-detached priest Saeko knew him as. "I wish I could come, but my task is here for now."

"So long, de Garcia."

"So long, Father Francisco," the first female voice—Imajin?—said.

Saeko heard footsteps that quickly fell silent. All of a sudden, the black sky, the fog, alien buildings, and the strange walls all shattered. Saeko, wide-eyed, watched everything evaporate like a bad dream, leaving Schwarznebel Academy looking just the way it always did in the early morning.

She had to get away and tell someone about the Golden Night Order and Miraju. The campus had been infiltrated by something very evil, and Saeko wasn't going to sit around and ignore it. She would report directly to Dracula himself if she had to.

She turned to leave, almost running directly into a tall, muscular man. He had wild white hair even though he appeared to only be in his twenties, and his grey eyes shined with a feral cruelty. He wore a large open black coat with no shirt and matching black trousers and boots. He was extremely pale, and alarmingly appeared to have no color at all. It was like looking at a black-and-white photograph.

"Hey," he said in a Russian accent, "I noticed you sneaking around the church. Did you hear anything…interesting?"

Saeko clenched her hands, considering which spell to use. By the gleam in his eye he meant her harm. He had to be allied with Miraju.

"As a matter of fact, I did hear something." She suddenly thrust her hand out, her palm facing the fierce man. "Carica Scudo!" she called. From her palm a glowing rectangle of royal-blue magical power sprang forth and grew to the height of the man she faced. With a thought, the Carica Scudo charged forward and slammed the man with a force that took him off guard. It shoved him back a ways. As he dealt with that, Saeko opened her coat and pulled out one of her small glass vials. Normally her alchemy experiments were for enhancing her sex life with Botan-chan, but since her talent as a Witch were spells of defense and protection, she always carried a number of power alchemic weapons. The one she picked was one highly destructive, but she had a feeling overkill would be needed for her enemy.

"Dragon Breath!" she called, her voice arming the red mixture within the vial. It immediately began to boil and glow furiously. She hurled the vial at the wild man and dispelled Carica Scudo. The man looked up in time to spot the Dragon Breath vial, and swiftly crossed his arms over his face. The vial shattered on his arms and immediately it erupted in a sulfur-yellow explosion of electric, fire, and ice magic all at once. His pained yell was muffled by the terrible burst as conflicting elements seared his flesh and exploded in reaction to each other. It would be enough to kill even a Vampire and at least hospitalize a charging Werewolf.

The yellow smoke cleared, and Saeko was shocked to see the man was still standing, his arms and stomach blackened and the flesh torn away is several areas. He slowly lowered his arms and grinned savagely even though his breathing was pained terribly.

"Ouch, that stings," he hissed. "It'll take much more than that to kill Nikolay Lebedev though!" He looked at his burnt arms, his coat fused into his skin at some injuries. "You ruined my coat too. That's just unforgivable…"

Before he could do anything else, Saeko had another spell prepared. "Teletrasporto!" she incanted, and whisked herself away. In a second, she was back in her Jenseitswald home. It was the first place she thought of, and it would be easy for Botan-chan to reach her there. She had a feeling she wouldn't be safe for long though. She had to get in touch with her and get to Japan quickly before deciding her next course of action.

"Damn it," she whispered, and sat down in a chair. Her secondary home was very sparse and modest compared to her home back in Japan since she spent more time working than anything else in Jenseitswald.

Concentrating on Botan-chan, Saeko called out to her telepathically. Botan-chan, return home now! Something very bad is happening and we need to go to Japan as soon as possible! I'm in danger, and I don't think I'll be safe in Jenseitwald for very long.

Natalie found herself in a smooth tunnel of darkness. The ground, if that was the right word, beneath her feet was solid, but it looked like it was made from black fog. The walls and ceiling were too. It was disorienting, but she was rapidly getting used to the unending mind-blowing weirdness that her life had become entwined with.

"Well, this is interesting," Viviane said with sincere emotion. "I think I'll be getting my desire to learn something new. Aimu really did come through in that regard."

"Yeah," Natalie said.

"I hope they give us a new change of clothes," Renée griped. "I'm all sweaty now."

"I just want to rest," Kukla sighed.

"You will get all of those things," that woman, Miraju, said. Natalie was startled by her voice, not having noticed she came along with them at first.

They stepped out of the tunnel at the other end, exiting into a darkened chamber. Aimu was already there, sitting in a white chair. Natalie noticed that Aimu was back in her uniform rather than her queen outfit. Natalie checked herself and saw she was back to normal too, as were the others. The next thing she noticed was how cold and heavy the air was in that room. Breathing the air was uncomfortably like inhaling small ice particles.

She coughed and took deep breaths to warm up her lungs, but all that did was fill her with more of the frozen air.

"What's wrong with this air?" Renée demanded.

"I apologize," Miraju said sweetly. "I forgot the air is very uncomfortable to people who aren't accustomed to it. Really, I understand; I too was shocked when I took my first breath here."

The younger girl offered a small pill to Natalie. "It warms your lungs up," she said. Natalie gratefully accepted.

"Thanks," she said, and swallowed it. The effect was immediate, and comfortable warmth spread through her. She sighed with relief and sank into a chair beside Aimu.

Renée and Kukla were happy to take the pills too. Ursula and Viviane refused.

"I like this air actually," Ursula said. "It's refreshingly bleak and frosty!"

"I feel no discomfort," Viviane said simply. "Temperatures far more extreme than this are needed to bother me."

Natalie sat back and observed the room some more. It was very ornate and gothic, reminding her of European cathedrals. There was a long rectangular table at the center of the room with ten chairs lined up along the sides, five for the right and five for the left. The table was made to face a circular altar at the other side of the room dominated by a large tapestry depicting a trio of stylized violet glowing eyes imposed over an hourglass-like shape. Looking around, the same symbol was incorporated into the floor as well, in front of the altar and on the altar itself. The table also had the symbol inscribed at the center. Columns lined the walls with the designs of strange creatures carved into them.

"Are we waiting for something here?" Ursula asked impatiently. "I'm bored!"

Miraju leaned against a wall, looking bored herself. Suddenly her perked up and turned toward the altar. "She approaches," she said.

"Who?" asked Kukla, sitting in Renée's lap and looking sleepy.

The tapestry quivered, and was drawn aside. A small girl, scarcely older than Kukla, emerged, flanked by a pair of twisting, transparent shapes that were only vaguely humanoid, although Natalie did not like looking at them at all. She focused on the girl that sat on the altar. She was very young, maybe 13-years-old, with snow-white skin and hair so blonde it was nearly white. It was very long, tied into a thick ponytail that reached her feet. Her ears were very long and sharply pointed. She wore a white gown that reminded Natalie of a funeral shroud. Her eyes were the most striking feature though: they appeared to have been sown shut. Natalie's skin crawled looking at her, even if the girl was very beautiful.

The girl opened her mouth and said something in a foreign language. Miraju responded in the same language. Like Renée she had sharp fangs. Natalie thought it sounded Oriental, and looked to Aimu.

"Do you understand?" she asked.

"No," Aimu said. "That isn't Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or any dialect of Chinese."

The girl, in spite of having her eyes sutured shut, turned toward Aimu. "Aimu Myouga," she said, "you are indeed the one we have been looking for, your world's counterpart and avatar to the Queen of Nightmares. I, the Dream Master, welcome you and your companions."

Avatar of the Queen of Nightmares? Natalie had no idea what to make of that. It seemed Aimu's sense of destiny was very much correct though.

"I am honored," Aimu said, "but I would like to know what that means exactly and how it benefits me."

The girl smiled. "A curious mind is a trait every known avatar has shared. As well as a thirst for power. These all further prove who you are. But now, let us share these revelations with the queen's right hand."

"Right hand?" Natalie asked.

As if in response to her question a pair of doors she had not noticed before opposite the altar swung inward. A crowd stood outside and entered briskly. It was a bizarre assortment of people, all shapes and sizes. They muttered to each other in the same foreign language as the Dream Master and Miraju. They took notice of Natalie and the others, and that prompted them to talk rapidly to the Dream Master and Miraju. The new people seemed angry at the presence of Natalie and her friends. The Dream Master said something, and the crowd's mood turned from outrage to surprise. They quickly filed into the chair surrounding the table. Natalie had a sense of overwhelming power coming from the crowd, their qi immense and colorful. It was unlike anything she had experienced at Schwarznebel Academy.

"Aimu Myouga," said one of the people in a rich masculine voice, "it is true you have seen the three violet eyes in your dreams since birth?"

"Yes, it is," Aimu stated.

One of the people left the chair and approached Aimu. It was a tall man with dark-brown skin and long, flowing blond hair that reached his hips. Like the Dream Master, his ears were long and sharp. His eyes were like smoldering red embers, framed by small rectangular glasses. His face was rather feminine but strong, his nose small and pointed and his lips thin. There was a deeply cultured and intellectual look about him, as well as a great pride. He wore a white kimono-like robe that simmered ethereally, the subtle patterns on it changing depending on how the light touched it, and he held a golden rod that was topped with a large diamond. Most remarkable though was the broad pair of white-feathered wings growing from his shoulders. He was easily the most beautiful man Natalie had ever seen, and his presence was simply awesome. If God turned out to be real after all and he didn't look like the winged beauty then God didn't deserve to have followers.

The man smiled gently, and Natalie nearly swooned. "You even have her features," he said, his voice deep and sensual. "Yes, you cannot be a more perfect avatar."

"Avatar of what, exactly?" Aimu asked sharply. She folded her arms defiantly and regarded the man with a cool glare. "If I am so important then I ask for answers. What are those eyes I've been seeing in my dreams all my life, what is it I'm an avatar of, and who are you people?"

The man and his cohorts tittered. "Yes," the man said, "it is time you understand your destiny. Very well. You are the avatar of Rireishi, the great Queen of Nightmares, the conqueror of Rêveam, the triple-eyes goddess of all secrets and knowledge hidden in darkness."

"The queen's touch reaches dreamers of exceptional quality," the Dream Master said. "You were born with a gift for dreams, Aimu Myouga, and you were born as a Multiversal counterpart to Rireishi. All being across the Multiverse have counterparts in other worlds. I have spoken to counterparts to you from several different worlds so far, and they all share similar traits: an affinity for dreams, a desire for knowledge, and an appetite for power. Rireishi herself possess similar traits."

"As for who we are," Miraju said, "we are separate but related organizations with the same goal: bringing Rireishi back to remake the Multiverse into our paradises. I represent the Golden Night Order, the stealthy left hand of Rireishi. We infiltrate and sneak, covertly gathering funds and searching out the various avatars. We are the assassins and spies of Rireishi, spreading her word across the Multiverse."

"And we," the angelic man said, "are the Empire of Greater Remuran, the right hand of Rireishi. We are her sword, her wrath."

Another person stood up at the table. "And we," said a very deep male voice, "are the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns, the first and mightiest of Rireishi's disciples."

This man was simply enormous, standing taller than any man Natalie had ever seem. He was also built more powerfully than the biggest of professional athletes. His shoulders were as broad as a refrigerator or a vending machine. His face was especially fierce, with a thick beard and mustache that flowed down to his barrel chest, and his eyebrows were long and serpentine. He wore extensively ornate iron armor and a large round helmet covered his head. Steam or smoke curled from his mouth when he spoke, and his skin was a metallic gray. Strapped to his back was a colossal war hammer that the Norse god Thor would have envied. The man was like an ancient Chinese deity of war.

A third stood up, a small, hunched figure in a cloak and hood. "Rireishi found us and took us in," the hooded one spoke in the tone of an old woman whose lungs had been filled with broken, sharp machinery. Some wispy white hair trailed from the hood, and the lower half of a withered face with gray flesh covered in boils. Attached to her back with rusted chains was a large, gleaming silver scythe, like that of the Grim Reaper. Natalie's attention moved down to the hag's hands, and noticed the right one was totally skeletonized. The other was emaciated and clawed. "In her kindness she recognized our talents and enhanced them."

A fourth figure rose, this one tall and slender, a young man with long green hair and feminine features. The man wore a metal armor that covered his chest but exposed his stomach, and below that wore something akin to a Speedo. He winked flirtingly and smiled. "Rireishi saw our problems and through them saw what was wrong with the world," he said in a strange, campy tone. He seemed to Natalie almost like a drag queen who forgot to actually go out in drag.

The fifth stood up, a tall woman with deep brown skin, and silky black hair. She had large golden earrings and a gold tiara. Her breasts and hips were extraordinarily large and sensual, her every movement a slow, exaggeratedly seductive and languid shimmy. She wore a silk bikini-like top and Arabic-looking puffy trousers. Her arms, legs, and neck were encircled by golden rings. Her eyes were golden and snake-like, wearing glasses that bore a resemblance to the strange markings on the hoods of cobras. What appeared to be a flawless pearl the size of a golf ball was embedded in her forehead. "Rireishi saw us and realized that the Mutliverse needed the most powerful and brilliant ruling over the lesser people," she sighed provocatively.

A sixth figure, another tall, busty beauty, but this time in a black hood and cape with a black bikini studded with silver spikes. Her skin was as white as marble, and bluish veins were visible beneath the skin. Beneath her hood her hair was long and wavy, as black as midnight. She had silver disks for earrings and her tongue had a silver stud in it. "It is the sacred duty for the elite to rise up and rule over the common and inferior," she said, licking her black lips.

The seventh and eighth rose up together.

"Obviously, we were the strongest, smartest, most cultured—"

"She chose as warriors the cleverest and most ruthless of the elite—"

They had spoken simultaneously, and they quickly cut off when they realized it.

"I was going to speak," said a short, slim person in heavy Chinese-style robes. The voice was gravelly and androgynous, with a white face and bright-red lips and markings around yellow and red eyes. An elaborately folded hat decorated with feathers sat on the head, covering bright red hair. Natalie wasn't sure if it was male or female.

The other figure was harder to make out, but it appeared to also be short and slim. "As you heard, I had begun speaking first!" said a sickeningly sugary young girl's voice. "You merely want to upstage me."

"Upstage you!" the androgynous one laughed. "You saw me rise first, and were so overcome by petty jealousy that you had to try to ruin my moment!"

"Sit down, both of you," the angelic man ordered. Both sat back down immediately.

A ninth rose, this one a colossally muscular woman, nearly as tall and broad as the man with the hammer. She had huge breasts hidden beneath a green short-sleeved Chinese gown and loose white trousers over her powerful legs. Her hair was long and pale-pink, a pair of curved horns emerging from the top of her skull. Her ears were distinctly bovine, and she wore round rimless glasses over her large golden eyes. She had a very youthful and pretty face, and her skinned looked tanned. A collar with a small cowbell was around her neck. "So it fell to us to carry out Rireishi's wishes," she said in a very gentle, soothing voice.

The tenth and final one rose, a slender, pretty man with long aqua-blue hair and a pale-green tinge to his skin. He wore a wide-brimmed black hat and a long black coat. His eyes were hidden behind round black glasses, and he had a strange smile, his lips crimson with lipstick. "But we need the avatars," he said in a wry, high-pitched voice. "They symbolize our queen in the purest way, giving a bridge between the Empire of Greater Remuran and the Golden Night Order."

The green-haired drag queen laughed. "First Exquisite Sovereign, Mihoto the Nothing!"

The sensual brown-skinned woman moaned. "Second Exquisite Sovereign, Mamun the Greed!"

The gray-skinned warrior nodded sagely. "Third Exquisite Sovereign, Uneiken the War."

The ancient hag sat still. "Fourth Exquisite Sovereign, Getosa the Death!"

The bondage woman let out a shrill laugh. "Fifth Exquisite Sovereign, Hatsurai the Shadow!"

The androgynous one placed the hands together gently. "Sixth Exquisite Sovereign, Taija the Hate."

The sugary-voiced girl giggled obnoxiously. "Seventh Exquisite Sovereign, Rokki the Lie!"

The muscled cow-woman chuckled softly and with good nature. "Eighth Exquisite Sovereign, Adou the Power."

The slender green-skinned man put a delicate hand to his mouth and tittered. "Ninth Exquisite Sovereign, Hetto the Suffering."

The angelic man smiled darkly. "Tenth Exquisite Sovereign, Emperor Rubihatsu the Fallen."

All ten executed a slight bow. Aimu stood up herself and wordlessly bowed back.

Miraju suddenly draped an arm over Aimu. "You are allied to some of the strongest men and women in the Multiverse," she said. "I wish the leader of the Golden Night Order could be here too, but coming here first was more important."

"I see," Aimu said simply. "Thank you for explaining all that to us. What was it you did at Schwarznebel Academy though?"

"Ah," Miraju said, "I summoned a portion of Rêveam into the World of Humans. Because Rêveam is built of the energy of dreamers, Rireishi has greater power there, and we would be able to see more clearly if you were the avatar. Until then we were unsure if it was you, Tarn, or Clifford."

Aimu nodded. "Thank you for explaining that as well. Now, my friends and I are very tired. Give us a place to recuperate and think about this."

"Of course," Rubihatsu said. The door he had entered from opened again. "You may leave through there, and the servants shall attend to you. It has been a pleasure meeting you."

"Likewise," Aimu said curtly, and walked out. Natalie drew herself up and followed, looking back at her uncanny new allies one last time before leaving. The other girls followed behind. People dressed in grey robes silently lead them to rooms to sleep in. Natalie was too tired to do anything but fall onto her bed and fall fast asleep.

"Have a drink, Miraju," said Rubihatsu.

Miraju smirked as her glass was filled with red wine by a servant. She sat back and sipped it, enjoying the fine taste. She couldn't get finer wine than from the World of Darkness.

"This is an excellent find you made," Rubihatsu said, sipping from a glass of blood. "The Golden Night Order certainly can find any of the avatars when you're looking for them."

"This is one of my greatest acts since I designed the Dark Tower and created the World of Twilight," Miraju chuckled darkly.

"It was sad you had to destroy an entire civilization," Adou remarked, "but it was for the greater good. The Dark Tower makes it possible to harness Rêveam's energy and bring us all closer to Rireishi."

Lady Miraju…

Miraju sat up straight, annoyed that Lebedev was calling her through telepathy. "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, but I have a call here," she said to the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns.

She placed her index and middle fingers on her forehead and closed her eyes. What is it, Lebedev? she demanded.

Some woman was listening in on you in the church. I tried to kill her, but she escaped. After checking around, I found out it was Saeko Matsuyama.

My "friend", eh? Well she was going back to Japan. I want Imajin to remain with me for now, but I'll just send someone else to take care of Matsuyama for me. Next time, try to be more careful…

Yes, sorry Boss…

Miraju shifted her focus to her favorite assassin. Pedrolina?

Yes, Boss?

If you can tear yourself away from your Pleine Lune job for a while, go to Japan and kill a Witch named Saeko Matsuyama for me. She's quite powerful so be careful. She has a dangerous cat Familiar named Botan-chan, so be careful about her too.

Pedrolina laughed with psychotic glee. It made Miraju smile fondly. Pedrolina the Pretty Clown was certainly a girl after Miraju's own heart. Certainly, Boss! I can't wait to start! Quequi has more than enough Lunatics now, so I don't need to spread any more la Folie for now.

Excellent. I'll talk to you later then.

Miraju broke off the connection and smiled at Rubihatsu. "Now, where were we?"

Natalie opened her eyes and found herself in Aimu's dream castle. She sat up and saw the others gathered in the same room, all in their dream forms.

"Hi guys," Natalie said, stretching her arms and making her oversized breasts jiggle. It occurred to her that her dream form was similar to the brown-skinned Exquisite Sovereign woman—she couldn't remember their names since they sounded so odd to her, but she wanted to memorize them later.

"I pulled you all into my dream," Aimu said. "I wanted to ask for your opinions on this business."

"You mean Rireishi, the Ten Exquisite Sovereigns, and the Golden Night Order?" Viviane asked. "I find this all very fascinating. I finally have something new to learn."

"They seem like good people," Ursula said. "I mean, they are rather freakish, but they understand how life works. I don't mind learning from them."

Kukla rubbed her eyes sleepily. "I need to see more of them before making a decision," she said. She then smiled strangely. "I do like how big some of the women are though…" She sighed happily and began kneading her own breasts, cooing softly.

Renée put a hand to her chin and thought about it. "They do seem like they'll be useful," she said. "If they're as powerful as they claim then we could stand to benefit immensely. Also, they seem like cool enough people. I'd like to know them better."

It was Natalie's turn. "The emperor is like a super-hot version of my papa," she admitted. "I guess that's cool, but it makes me feel a little weird too. They were talking about how people have counterparts across the universe I think, so maybe my papa's the counterpart of the emperor."

"Do you think it's good we came?" Aimu asked.

Natalie shrugged. "Yeah. You can rule the world much more easily with these guys backing you up."

Aimu frowned. "I should be happy for this opportunity," she said, "but I feel like I'm being handed all of this. I wanted to accomplish everything through my own thinking and magical power with some help from you. Now, it just seems too easy. I know they must have some other reason to want me around as an avatar of Rireishi, and I suppose it's fine to go along and be used by them for now, but…I just feel it's unsatisfying."

"That's so strange, coming from you," Ursula said. "I thought you would be so utterly pleased with how this turned out. You really are as important as you felt yourself to be, and it disappoints you?"

"I wanted to prove it on my own," Aimu said. "Now it turns out I just had good luck. Where's the satisfaction in that?"

Natalie got up and walked over to Aimu. "Aimu!" she said. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth! This is what you wanted and now you have it! Those guys are rather weird, but I think this will be good for us all!"

Aimu looked at her with an unreadable expression. "Perhaps," she said simply. She turned away. "If you want to dream in peace then go. I want to think about this some more."

The others vanished one by one. Natalie watched Aimu lie there for a while, then focused on leaving somewhere else. The castle melted away and Natalie found herself back in the altar room. She turned her gaze to the symbol of Rireishi on the tapestry and frowned.

"Hey!" she yelled. "Your eyes have stalked me and my friends in our dreams. So where are you now? Are you gonna tell us what you really want? Aimu doesn't seem keen on being your avatar anyway, and I guess I can't blame her too much because you stalked her and had some hooded person molest her. What's up with that guy anyway? Why didn't you just tell Aimu about everything in the beginning?"

There was no answer. Everything remained silent.

Natalie sighed unhappily. For the first time she encountered what might be a genuine deity, but she refused to appear when Natalie specifically requested it.

She turned to see what else was in her dream version of the altar room, and found her path blocked by a tall woman with alabaster-white skin and silky black hair that fell to the floor. She was very slender with a willowy build, her body curved exquisitely. She had a true hourglass body, with ample breasts, a small waist, and round hips. Her mysteriously smiling lips were a deep crimson and her neck was very long. Like just about everyone else in that place, she had long and pointy ears. For clothing she wore a simple black gown with a stylized red hourglass on the chest. Natalie wasn't totally surprised to see that the woman had violet eyes just like Aimu, and a third eye grew vertically in her forehead.

"Oh, but I did tell her," the woman said in a deep, throaty voice. She smiled with amusement and cocked her head to the right slightly. "I whispered in her ear every night how special Aimu is, how superior she is to everyone else, that she deserves better."

The woman walked forward, although it was more like she slid across the floor. A strange mixture of awe, lust, and terror crawled through Natalie. There was something completely unnatural about the woman. Not the inhuman touches like the three eyes or the pointed ears; there was an eerie perfection to the woman that made her seem…artificial.

Natalie took a step back, but the woman was upon her and placed her hands on Natalie shoulders. Very long fingers clutched her gently. Natalie was transfixed by the three eyes.

"You're Rireishi, aren't you?" Natalie asked, quavering.

"Indeed I am, little Succubus," said the woman. "On this holy ground, it's much easier for a brilliant dreamer such as you to experience me."

"If you knew that Aimu was the one though, why didn't you just tell the Golden Night Order to pick her up?"

Rireishi chuckled. "What fun is it to tell my followers everything? I represent undiscovered knowledge; they need to discover on their own. It's much more fun to watch them run around trying to solve the problem. I can give out my knowledge for the right price though."

"What kind of knowledge?" Natalie asked.

Rireishi smiled craftily. "My dear, sweet little Succubus," she said, "all knowledge, really. The fate of civilizations, the location of ancient treasures, the instructions for spells of great power, the whereabouts of missing people—"

Natalie's ears perked up. "You can find anyone?" she asked.

"Yes," Rireishi said, "if I feel it's worth finding."

Natalie's heart pounded. Could she finally learn about her mother? She had wondered about her mother for her entire life, and didn't even have a photograph to remember her by. Her curiosity was torturous in that moment.

"Could you…tell me where my mother is?"

Rireishi cupped Natalie's chin. "A simple matter! Of course I can, but I of course want something in exchange."

Natalie sighed, fearing what might be requested. "I'm rich, but surely I can't give you money," she said. "You're going to take something else, aren't you? A piece of me, like my soul…"

Rireishi laughed. "You're very wise, little Succubus. Yes, it's cliché, but I want your soul. This isn't something I ask for often, but your soul is of importance too me. I need it for my collection."


"Succubae souls," Rireishi answered. "I am the queen of dreams, so Succubae naturally belong to me. When they were on the verge of extinction I offered them safety if they pledged their souls to me. They accepted, and in Rêveam Succubae are trying to return to their original numbers. Therefore, all Succubae belong to me."

She leaned down to reach Natalie's face. "So," she said, "are you willing to give me your soul to learn about your mother? It might not make much of a difference since as long as you protect Aimu I'm happy."

Natalie clenched her hands and debated about it. It was true; she belonged to Rireishi either way because she was going to stay with Aimu. What difference did it make if she handed her soul over? It would be good to finally know where Mama went…

"I'll do it," Natalie said.

Rireishi nodded. "Very good, child. All right then. Your mother, Arela, is imprisoned deep within Rêveam. She broke the rules, leaving without authorization to the World of Humans, where she copulated with Noland Clifford and gave birth to you. She left because she thought I might try to hurt you and Noland and returned to be imprisoned. I decided to see how the last Succubus in the World of Humans would fare, so I left you and your family unmolested. You couldn't possibly be any harm, and it might be interesting if you began breeding more Succubae. It is an interesting twist that you would meet Aimu though."

Natalie listened silently. She felt strangely little considering that Rireishi had her mother in prison. "Can I see her some day?" she asked.

"If you die and I have your soul," Rireishi said, "then you will live a new life in Rêveam, so you can see her then. However, I'm grateful that you love Aimu, so allow me to add something extra. If you serve Aimu very well, with all your heart and body, then I will release Arela and allow her to live in the World of Humans."

Natalie was surprised by the seeming generosity. "Thank you," she said. "That's very kind of you."

"I can be kind, when I wish," Rireishi said. She looked Natalie over and pursed her lips. "Well, you haven't eaten any jing for a while, have you dear? Would you like some of mine?"

Natalie's eyes widened at the question. "Really? Erm, thanks. I guess I should have some, if you're offering…"

Natalie watched, entranced, as Rireishi allowed her gown to slip off to the floor and step out of it. Her body was magnificent, and Natalie forgot her unease about Rireishi's appearance. She quickly tore off her cheerleading uniform and stood naked before Rireishi.

Rireishi cupped Natalie's breasts lovingly and smiled with approval. "You certainly have a bountiful body in your dreams," she said softly. "You'll grow up to look just like Arela."

Natalie was excited by Rireishi's words. She hoped she could see her mother's beauty soon.

Rireishi knelt down and gently enveloped Natalie's right nipple with her warm mouth. Natalie groaned loudly as Rireishi began to suck on her breast. Her tongue rolled around the areola slowly, making every sensitive nerve sing joyfully. Then Natalie felt two fingers easing into her sex, and she cried out in delight. Rireishi's eyes were fixed on her face, watching her with amusement.

Natalie's head rolled back as she hissed in her pleasure. The probing fingers were slow and deliberate in their movements, touching every weak spot Natalie had. She quivered in place under the dual assault, the fluids of her sex running down her legs.

"I'm gonna…come…" she whispered.

"Come for me then," Rireishi's voice said even though Rireishi continued to lick and suck at Natalie's breast.

Natalie's bucked her hips as she was overtaken by her climax. She let out a tearful scream of ecstasy. The fingers inside her suddenly became frenzied with movement, pulsing in and out of her with wild abandon. Natalie screamed again as multiple orgasms hit her, and almost toppled over, but Rireishi caught and supported her.

Rireishi licked her fingers clean and embraced Natalie to her large, pale breasts. "Now drink," Rireishi ordered, and Natalie saw drops of milk forming at the erect pale-pink nipples. Natalie let out a hungry moan at the erotic sight and dove in, sucking relentlessly. The milk was sweet and thick with a powerful jing. Natalie loved it, and had to have more. Applying more pressure to the breast, the milk flooded her mouth completely, leaking from the corners of her lips.

"Yes, drink deeply, young Natalie," Rireishi cooed, stroking Natalie's hair. "Grow strong for me and Aimu. More jing will make your powers grow."

Natalie drank sloppily, milk running down her chin and dripping onto her own breasts. She felt stronger and healthier with every swallow.

I love this! And I think I love you too, Rireishi!

Natalie suddenly had her mouth pried away from the leaking nipple. She made a protesting noise, but was silenced when Rireishi pressed her lips against her mouth. Natalie made a muffled groan as Rireishi's long tongue invaded her mouth. Natalie accepted the deep kiss and relaxed to enjoy it, happy tears leaking from her eyes.

Rireishi finally broke off and yawned. "Well, that was fun," she said. "I could do much more to you, modifying our bodies any way I wish, but I have things to do. So do you. Protect Aimu and help her become stronger too."

"Make her stronger?" Natalie asked.

"Aimu has been sickly since birth," Rireishi explained. "She requires protection, and you girls are just what she needs. Part of her dream is strength."

"That makes sense," Natalie said, recalling how dream-Aimu seemed more athletically built than the real one.

Rireishi smiled. "Good-bye for now, sweet Natalie. I look forward to when I can completely own you…"

Natalie's eyes opened. Getting off her bed, she left her room and went to Aimu's. After knocking on the door, Aimu opened it.

"Natalie?" she asked.

Natalie wordlessly embraced Aimu and smiled, her eyes closed. "I love you Aimu," she said. "I love you and the other girls very much. We're gonna take advantage of this situation, and we'll rule the world in no time!"

Ursula popped her head in. "I was told it's time for breakfast," she said. "I can't wait to see what they eat here."

"Coming," Aimu said, but she returned the embrace.

"Natalie…" she whispered in a moved tone.

Natalie smiled. It didn't matter if she sold her soul or if she had to serve some strange nightmare goddess. She was with the one she loved, and it was all that mattered.


The end

Author's note: So another holiday story concluded. I really liked working on this one, even if I was often unsure where to have the story go. This last chapter is now one of my very favorites. I hope you enjoy it too.

Happy Halloween!