I groaned slightly, rolling over on my side. The knocking continued and an anxious voice made my eyes snap open. Sunlight streamed through the window, warming my bed and shattering any illusions of it being a reasonable waking time. Maybe I had over slept a little.

"please Mia!! The alpha wishes to see speak with you. The alpha of Tolero pack is here,,," Her voice trailed off in a feeble whisper. She knew how much I hated my father, the alpha of our pack, for arranging a meeting with another possible mate. His own daughter! I am a pawn to him, something he can use to make connections for power and peace. I growled in distaste, feral snarls echoing around my room. I leapt up easily, striding towards the sliding door in my usual oversized shirt and underwear, the shirt reaching mid thigh.

Shaking my golden waves of hair, gleaming bronze in the sunlight, I wrenched the door aside. My best friend, Candi, smiled weakly. We had been inseperable since we were pups. She was as upset about a potential mate as I was. Well, iw as more angry than upset... I had refused to see any more males since mr.-I-don't-take-no-for-an-answer class A arsehole tried to force me to accept him. He left with a broken jaw and a bruised ego, caused by yours truly. Yet, this alpha still had the gall to come to my house to claim me as some sort of object. Well, he had something else coming for him and it would most likely be my fist colliding with his pretty boy face. There's nothing more frightening than an angry werewolf and a female at that.

My father may be alpha but he wasn't a big man as such, barely reaching 5'5' in human form. I, on the otherhand, am the collosial height of 6ft, 18 years old, sarcastic and a fighter. My honey-cream skin and the signature hazel eyes of my family. My long hair, wavy and slightly curled, golden brown, some strands shing red. Slim but curvy, I am renwoned in my pack as the beautiful, strong and intelligent alpha's daughter, other packs thought of me as an aexotic warrior woman. High cheekbones, almond shaped eyes, long thick lashes and a killer body, most of the males thought I was perfect. I think I even scared my father. I continued to stalk through the hallway, my murderous expression making other pack members melt into the shadows. My long strides sent my hair flying off my shoulders. Throwing the main doors to the gathering hall, I stood in a stream of sunlight. The hall went deadly quiet. I wasn't exactly the most.... obedient daughter.

"Father! I told you i'm not meeting any more males just so you can turn me into breeding stock! The only reason you agreed to this was so both of you could stroke your already inflated egos! I may be your daughter but that does not mean I can't mate for love, which will be the only thing that even tempts me to enter such a bonding. The fact that you still brought another power-hungry mutt here shows exactly what you think of my feelings as a pack member." My fathers eyes shone angrily and low growls rumbled from his chest. I stared back defiantly, not even lowering my gaze. A direct challenge.

Barely suppressed chuckles made me whip around to face a stranger. He was taller than me, which was new, with dark brown hair, messily hanging into his eyes. Eyes that burned with an alphas power and hunger. He continiued chuckling, clapping slowly as if to humour me. I narrowed my eyes in annoyance.

"Well. This isnt how I planned our meeting, Amelia. Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander Grisynova, alpha of Tolero Pack and sporting an enormously large ego." he winked and smirked at my expression which was leaning towards murderous again. I straightened up, drawing myself to my full and considerable height. Fixing a very painful, sweet smile to my face, I let my frosty exterior melt away. He looked a little unnerved by my sudden change of heart and glanced behind him uncertainly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Alex. Please, call me Mia. Forgive me if my outburst upset you and if you'll excuse me, I will return later in a more apropriate attire." This was why I was so high in the pack, even without my father's status: I am an awesomer actress. He smiled warmly and gently brought my hand up to his lips, inhaling as my knuckles brushed his nose and presling his satin lips against my slender fingers. I refrained from gasping, trying to ignore the shooting electricity that erupted from his touch, setting all my nerves on fire. I glared at my father once more for good measure and turned on my heel, stalking out.

As soon as the door swung shut, I phased into my wolf, enjoying the hot-cold sensation of phasing. Then I was a golden wolf, four legs propelling me down the sniny marble corridoors. I flopped down on my bed a moment later, human once more and as pissed as ever. Candi pulled out some clothes while I muttered profanities at the ceiling, glaring darkly as if it planned the whole thing. She settled on dark skinny jeans and a figure hugging red singlet. Silently picking my way back to the hall whilst eavesdropping was interesting, hushing every pack member I encountered. They chuckled quietly before slinking off, respecting my curious streak. Curiousity didn't kill the cat, it cat-napped it, stuck it in a cage and marched mice past. Long story short? Torture.

I paused before the door, listening intently. Low murmering was all that could be heard so I pushed the door open again, encountering complete silence once more. Alexander smirked and held out a hand, inclining his head towards the forest. I raised one eyebrow and folded my arms, my expression clearly reading 'over my dead body'.

"Mia, I have some very important plans to discuss with you. Please accompany me to the gardens." I regarded him with cool indiffernce before standing hautily and brushing past him, leading the way to the private gardens despite my fathers protests.

"Now. Start talking oh great one." he smirled, again. I swear to lunar, if he smirled one more time... it was adorable, annoying and infuriating.

"well Mia, since I just so happened to overhear your requirements for a mating, namely being love... I want you to fall in love with me. We have until your 19th birthday, three weeks from now to prove that I am your mate. But, to determine if this is going to work, I have a cunning plan..." I glared at him, daring him to continue, yet curious all the same, he genuinely smiled and started pacing in response. He looked up at me with hungry eyes, they darkened slightly as his wolf fought for control. Striding towards me, I found myself backing up, only to be stopped by warm brick walls and rock hard arms on either side of my head. He leant closer, nose almost touching mine, sweet breath making my head spin.

"Kiss me. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't feel this... connectio... this heat.. Kiss me and tell me that you don't want me the way I need you." He was so close, his voice a ragged whisper. I could smell the truth of his words, I knew that if I lied, if I told him I felt nothing, he would leave and never come back. But, I didn't want him to go. He inched closer, full lips parting, their natural rosy tone something girls would kill for. His entire length pressed against mine, covering me. I closed my eyes and closed the gap between us. My blood burned where he touched me, electricity exploding within me.

I found myself tangling my fimgers im his hair, reveling in the silky texture and moving in sync with him. His teeth gently pressed into my bottom lip as he claimed my mouth again, his own hands finding my thick mane of lusturous hair. Then, like a bubble bursting or a gust of freezing air, my actions caught up with me. I was kissing a complete stranger. I pulled back, elliciting a low growl from him while I stared frantically in his now coal black eyes. They began lightening back to melted milk chocolate, breathing evening out and grip on my waist loosening. I nodded and fled, heading towards the forest, phasing in mid stride. I ran until my breath came in sharp gasps and my legs refused to carry me, deep in the shadowy depths of our forest. The sunlight barely broke through the thick tree top canopy, giving the surrounding clearing an eerie green glow. The fiirst thing I noticed was that there was no birds.

The simple lack of birds and wildlife in a private nature reserve was unsettling. Something wasn't right here. I lifted my nose and inhaled, cataloging the array of smells present. The usual decaying, cloying odour of rotten foliage and moss, my own freesia and honey scent and a spicy dangerous one. I turned to follow my own scent home, stopping short when it disappeared. Panic set in. Something was very wrong here. I trotted along a familiar looking path but ended up in a clearing that I definitely didn't see before. I sat back on my haunches sadly, whining softly. Cursing my rash actions and Alex to the fiery pits of hell. Watching the cold stars twinkling gravely back at me, the half crescent mood my only friend in the darkness that lingered in my very soul. Mother moon, forever alone, watching her children of the night. Should I howl? I had been out here for hours, surely they would have phased at starting searching now? I glanced at my reflection in the still water of the small puddle at my feet. Hazel eyes in a cream face, darkening to deep, shining gold, four dainty white paws and a creamy belly. A golden wolf lost in a dark forest.

Raising my head to the moon, I let loose a deep mournful howl, long and loud, lamenting my solitude and dispair. Calling for help in my lonely, lost state. Answering howls, all a long way away called back to me, promising to come to me, quick as the wind, some from my pack, others from the natural wolves of the forrest. A silver flash caught my eye, so I studied the nearby bushes carefully. Something was off about the complete stillness of them, despite the tiny breeze. I recoiled in shock, recognizing the metal shaft of the net gun. They weren't permitted on our land, it was a nature reserve for crying out loud. As I stepped back, pain erupted through me, bones snapping, blood staining the ground crimson. A wolf trap clamped down on my how limp hind leg. A howl ripped through me.

It screamed pain and anger, my distress ringing out and eerily echoing back, the double timbre of an alpha coursing through it. Something smashed into my face, cutting my howl short. A man leered above me, cricling my trembling form. Answering howls were quickly getting closer, one louder than the rest, the message clear; I'm coming, love. I wanted to believe it was my father but I knew exactly who it was.

"We got ourselves a female wolf blokes. Pretty colour, it'll be worth a small fortune. What do you think Doc??" a large beefy man crowed happily over his find and beckoned a small, greasy haired one forwards. As a muzzle was fixed on my head, he looked down at me with a calculating eye.

"Well, it's a bitch. Bout four years old. The proportions are... odd. Maybe a hybrid or new breed perhaps? I have never seen this colour before but she is unmated so that eliminates the chances of an angry male coming after her." I snorted which didn't go unnoticed. A single angry male? No, try about 30. Then the females and natural wolves... "She's about to come into heat so we better skin her before the hormones affect the fur textu -" He was silenced by a dark blur barrelling into him. He hit the ground as more shapes hurtled into the clearing at alarming speeds, wolves and werewolves alike.

A silver wolf stood over me, black tipped ears and tail flat in anger, watching the whirling masses of fur around me with a lip curled. The four humans were herded into the center, nipped and scratchd until they were still. My father strode in, crisp business suit in human form. The suit screamed money and he whistled once, all the wolves backing away under the force of his alpha command.

"You are trespassing on private land and poaching protected species of a very rare and endangered wolf hybrid. Give me three good reasons as tro why I shouldn't let my pets tear you to pieces." He snarled at the end of the very real threat, backed up by the rising crescendo of furious growling. The men cowered even lower and shook their heads frantically.

"Go, take your traps and never return. Next time I won't be so lenient." The hunters took off without a second glance, an engine roaring to life and tyres squealing in protest. Father then turned towards me as I let my head fall back against the mud, growling uselessly through the stupid muzzle. Humans... ugh... Careful hands gently smoothed my fur back and unstrapped the stupid contraption. Pain and bloodloss made my vision blur but Alex's face remained a constant as I felt myself being carried. I blacked out moments later. I awoke in the clinic. Man I hated always ending up in here.

Mason, our resident doctor/vet was saying something that escaped me but must have been important considering how much everyone was nodding. I glanced around, noticing the grim faces of my pack. I was human again, pain thrumming through me. Five of them stepped forward and positioned strategically around me, holding down various limbs, Alex standing behind my head and slipping a leather strap between my teeth.