I stalked past the crowds and towards the gathered wolves. They simply stood, eyes all folowing my movements, tails wagging slowly when I smiled at them. I reached out tentatively with my mind and allowed it to envelope their alpha, allowing me to converse with him in the language of the wolf.

Brother wolf, why does your pack come? He did his own growling cough, laughing.

I am not your brother, Mistress of the Moon. My pack comes because you called. It is very simple. You called and you filled us with power, we could not deny you. Does it not strike you odd, Wolf-child who cannot be bound by chains or words? We feel it because we do not belong to the human world. You are the moon and we will follow you.

He bowed his head, breaking the slanted eye contact and crouched, belly touching the ground, The wolves all did the same, the smaller ones even going as far as rolling over and exposing their bellies and throats. I had much to think about. I turned and saw Alex striding away, shoulders slumped. He had to talk to my father. The pack members present still stared at me. Trey lay where Alex left him. Slowly, hesistantly, I knelt next to him and smoothed my hands over his scratches. They began healing as I focused my will on them and he sighed in thanks. I left then, not wanting to linger any longer than necessary. Once I was alone, I allowed my mind to meld with Alex. He was sorry. Over whelmingly so. But he was focusing on my father.

"I must tell you Alex, what my daughter is. She is pure. Her mother was a full wolf, not a werewolf. I don't know how, but she was born a pup, turning to a baby only an hour after birth. I never told anyone, and Hannah, her half brothers mother agreed to pretend she was her daughter. I dont know what it means for her future, but she is more than a werewolf, she is... unique. I entrust her to you, knowing you will protect her power and what she is to become." ending on that cryptic remark, my father left. I had always known Hannah wasn't my real mother. Mason told me, he was my older brother by eight years. Father came home with me one day, I was four. The fact that the pack didn't know was due to the strange ways of Hannah. She lived in the alpha house, but no one ever saw her. When she died, she was mourned, and they moved on. I believe my father loved her, even if she wasn't his true mate, and she loved him. That was all he needed to bend to her every whim. Alex's mind was blank. He didn't know what I was, but I was a whole lot more than a werewolf. I was three quarters wolf.

I could have told you that.. my wolf intruded. It was true, I phased earlier than the children my age and always had a better connection to my wold then they. Alex, sad and sorry, turned to the room we had shared and remembered holding me while I slept. I could feel everything that he felt. He remembered that the pull he felt towards our pack had aways been very weak, he knew he had a strong mate. He now knew he didn't know exactly what his mate was.

Alex... I whispered through his mind, feeling him smile sadly and allow me delve completely into his mind. I need you to help me pack before the full pack run... we leave at 8 in the morning remember. I was thinking, your pack isnt that far, could we send our stuff ahead and run together there?

Yes Mia, that would be good. I am sorry about before, I am so sorry. I didnt realise you had fallen into the pit. I am a terrible mate, I barely felt your pain, I was so far gone, it will never happen again, I am so sorry. I poured my feelings into him, showing him that all was well. He was relieved. I made my way back to my room, finding him aleady there.

His brown eyes were crinkled with worry, that pucker between his eyebrows appearing again. I smoothed it out with my thumb, relishing in the feeling of his warmth breath on my palm. He slowly pulled me down on his lap, wrapping my legs around his waist while he supported my back.

"Alex.. what are you afraid of?" he had seen me terrorised by spiders, I wanted to know what made his hair curl. He averted his gaze before kissing my neck sweetly.

"The only thing that I fear is losing you. I only just found you, and I never want to feel as I did when I walked into that clinic when you werent there." he hid his face in my hair and puffed unevenly on my shoulder, heat radiating off his face. He embarrassed. I placed two fingers under his chin and raised his eyes to mine. I kissed him softly, letting my lips linger on his, breathing together, before he moved in closer. Alex lay back on the bed, my legs safely tucked under me as I straddled him, not breaking the kiss. He pushed his hips against mine in an attempt to get further on the bed and position me above him, where we would be touching in a more intimate way. I allowed him to shuffle up, sitting upright when he was comfortable, inadvertantly pushing down onto him as I released my hair from its ponytail. He placed his hands on my hips and they tightening accordingly when I moved again. I was very aware of his arousal, pressed erotically against me. Suddenly, there was too much clothing between us.

A strained cough from the door way alerted me to the omega of the pack , Jack, was standing there. He was very lowly and changed late, therefore was the weakest link in the pack. Self concious to the fact that I held Alex's wrists above his head and had him very firmly wedged between my thighs, I rolled off and faced the door way, leaving Alex to the task of sitting up as swiftly as he could, slouching as to make the insistant bulge behind his zipper as invisible as possible. He was flaming red, from embarrassment or anger at being interrupted, I didnt know. Jack sagged slightly, as if relieved. I knew that some wouldnt have stopped, thinking his inferior presense exludeded him from the privilage of decency.

"Amelia, Alpha Alexander. Alpha wanted to remind you that your presence is required at the run at 7.30pm." He kept his gaze to the floor and left as abruptly as he came. I burst out laughing, ignoring the pointed look Alex gave me. He huffed and resorting to repeatedly hitting me with a pillow. I rolled my eyes at his childish antics and resumed throwing my various clothes into a pile. He sighed and began folding them into my suitcase. I ignored the smell of his want, as he ignored my giggles. Once I had finished with my clothes I turned to my room in general. My photos and laptop were hidden in my draw so I grabbed them and added them to his pile before gently easing a floorboard up to reveal my secret stash. Alex watched in fascination as I pulled out a tooth, wickedly curved, from a bear that Mason had killed, a dagger and small notebook. He didn't ask and I wasn't exactly forthcoming with the information. I left all other belongings.

"Mia... it's time to go. I put the bags in the car and Jack said he would take them to my pack for us. We have to go to the run." I stayed, staring at the wall where I rememered being thrown, that night when Mason left us for good. I was leaving those memories behind now. I would start again. He tugged at my arm and I asmiled sadly, following him to the forest. The whole pack was already there, and began changing into their wolf skins. They had already been briefed, sadness laying thick on the atmosphere. We phased also, seeing the pack through different, sharper eyes. Running as one was liberating, and took most of the night. The wildlife fled from the sound of our paws hitting the ground in a steady beat. It was exhilerating. As we reached the bordern my pack began a mounrful howl and I left them, continuing to run with Alex, deep into the night.