The Lady Anne says a last goodbye to her late husband. Richard is his usual self. Or is he? Please comment nicely!

It was a cold gray day, and the churchyard was empty except for a slim young woman in black. She knelt before a slab of gleaming marble, praying fervently and dabbing her eyes with a fine silk handkerchief.

"Forgive me, Edward," whispered the heavily veiled young woman at last. "Forgive me for being unworthy of your pure and spiritual love. Forgive me for being weak, and lustful. You were an angel and I will cherish your memory always."

Outside the iron gates, a long black limousine was waiting.

"Finished?" Her new husband was rich, powerful. He murdered her true love every time he opened his mouth.

"Finished." The pale beauty removed her hat and veil, letting him see her puffy face and red-rimmed eyes.

"How you must hate me." He stroked her icy cheek. His touch was actually rather gentle.

"I will always hate you." Her voice was cold, her manner haughty. But then he seized her in his arms and kissed her, melting her cool disdain with fiery passion. The burning kiss aroused her, shamed her, and made her his. The car was moving already, taking her away from her one true love forever.

In a way it was a relief.

A/N: This is based on the movie version with the lovely Kristin Scott Thomas and Ian McKellen, hence the limousine.