A molten chocolate, honey-brown mixture of escape.
A spherical onyx held suspended in its centre.
Surrounded in waters the hue maple leaves.
Two perfect ovals.
Twin orbs of vulnerability, anger, pain and gentleness.
Swirling, surrounded by clouds hewn from diamonds.
Colours that penetrate.
Almond-honeyed waters wash their depths daily.
Within, a part of, drowning willingly.
A delicious experience, saturating every pore of your being.
Out of your depth.
Mesmerizing, intermingling tears and ecstasy.
Possessed, consumed by some unearthly force
To memorize every part of his soul and burn it upon your own.
To hold him tightly, to be devoured and turned inside out.
An all encompassing feeling, twisting, never-ending.
A panoramic view that holds no equal,
Knows not its power.
Such delicious intimacy.
As though fire, an insatiable thirst with no desire to be quenched.
His eyes.
Twin pools of escape.

Copyright Bethan Richards 22.09.2010