I wrote this poem for a homework assignment in English. The format and subject are based off of the poem "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon (by the way, she's female).

And to my fellow Asians, I'm sorry if I spelled daohwei wrong. I really don't know pinyin or even the language. I just know that's what my mom calls it.

Where I'm From


I am from stuffed animals,

from the bears to the dogs.

I am from the bamboo protecting our house.

(Tall and strong,

they turn to bows.)

I am from the yellow swing

on the tall maple

no longer safe to swing

like we used to.


I'm from the daohwei and syrup,

from Hwajen and CT.

I'm from the annoyed

and the annoying,

from ear-cupped to ear-cups

I'm from the holidays I never had

to the presents never bought

and the classmates seen only at school.

I'm from mosquitoes, the bug bites,

The countless time to "exercise" and "take a bath"

From the marble from first

the one I almost lost,

the times bamboo was not just outside.


Many items in my room

were not mine,

when I was still

too thoughtful to think.

The memories are just memories --

no longer life --

and I am just fourteen.