A/N: Thanks for reading this if you are. Any edits would be great. I'm just playing with the main villain if you could call him that. I hope the girl doesn't seem like a Mary Sue but more like a stupid girl who doesn't think much and I used ice skating as counter attacks because I thought it would be cool. Any thoughts or comments would be great or flames what ever floats your boat. This guy I'm creating is for a future story I just wanted to present him in a different theme and element. He gets obsessed with unique people who can hurt him or beat him up. And I know I suck so any help would be great!




I looked at the blank screen; it was the middle of the sixth grade the class had been given e-mail addresses to communicate with other children around the U.S. Yes a pen pal project. I was a bit nervous, the teacher lost the name of my pen pal and she didn't know if he was a girl or not what was I to do? Talk to a boy about my love for Liza Frank and old collection of dolls?

It's not that I liked dolls anyway but I did like Liza Frank the art is neat.

My fingers started to type random nonsense, I typed my e-mail to that person I wasn't sure if that person got my e-mail or not it had been over one week. Mrs. Jennings scolded me for not following up on my e-mails. So I opened my account to find a response; finally!

My eyes scanned the email anxiously.

It read:

It's fine; I'm a guy by the way.

I've never seen your face, nor ever heard your voice.

But I think I like you.


WHAT? That was all, he didn't even answer my questions, and what does he mean he likes me? He hasn't even met me yet!

My face was a bit flushed; to be honest to be told that you are liked by a complete stranger was a bit creepy and somewhat nice.

… Wait. Does this make me some sort of sicko?

I was not even sure anymore.

What would I tell Mrs. Jennings that some person told me he liked me via email? No, I cannot maybe he isn't so bad and maybe he was just a lonely guy at school. That had to be it!

For the past two weeks, we would talk via aim, and send e-mails to each other; he would always give me advice it was great, and he is really smart too, he would always help me with my homework It was great. The last week of our assignment had arrived, for some reason I felt sad it was as if I was losing a friend.

I told him this would be my last mail. He requested something a bit odd but it would not hurt me right? I sent him my picture of me. Two days later, I called him using the payphone near my house.

As the phone started to ring my stomach was twisting, I was so worried a bit frighten maybe I should hang up but before I could, I heard his voice.


How could he now I was going to call? I swallowed hard.

"It's ok, I knew you were going to call I just knew it Andy."

So he was guessing I was a bit relieved.

"Yes, this is Andy." I heard him laugh.

"I like your voice Andy, it's very cute."

"Well I have to go soon so bye!" I hung up the phone and ran away from the payphone. This was a bad idea. Why didn't I tell the teacher? He seemed so nice, well is not as he was rude or anything, but he is so strange.

I just should forget him forget everything.

Four years passed, I deleted all my accounts and made new ones. I was afraid of these online friends my friends told me about. I always told them to be careful. It was a Saturday night, 7pm Jane, Yasmin, and I were walking down to a restaurant. The streets where practically empty, I was scared, or just paranoid I wasn't too sure what it was.

Groups of people started to head home, suits filled the streets I felt safer and calmed. I was just suspicious. As I walked past the suits, someone grabbed my arm my heart bolted to my throat. Maybe I'm just to jumpy.

"M-may I help you sir?" He was tall, so very tall he towered over me, he casted a wicked shadow.

Just move, just move. MOVE! My brain did not register my commands I was too scared.

His hand brushed my hair. MOVE! I twisted my body and flung my right leg at him, his arms blocked the swift kick I jumped about two feet above him my ice skating training was not wasted. I felt that because of my mother's demanding training I was going to live.

I threw another I- spin in the air, followed a forward thrust of my knee but his quick hand grabbed my leg and spun me with no mercy I felt the rush of the wind, the speed it availed me my legs shot of the walls my legs formed a leg wrap, his head was my landing. My pointed foot landed perfectly my arms went up on cue; I was performing to safe myself.

I jumped away from him landing in a pivot. Jane's eyes widen

The lanky man grabbed his face, the blood gushed fiercely.

"No one has ever made me bleed before Andy, I really like you know."

"Andy you know him?" Yasmin asked in disbelieve. How could I know such a violent man?

"No." I said.

"Oh but you do sweetie."

"Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy." He repeated my name numerous times; it sickened me.

"Get away from me!" I said but he came closer his face soiled with blood.

"Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy."

Go away! I ran but his arms grabbed me.

"Call the police!" Jane grabbed her cell and started to dial. He stopped hugging me and his legs kicked her phone from her hands.

"Leave while I'm being nice." His voice became cold. Yasmin started to tear up and cry.

"You guys run!" I said to them Jane shook hair head and took Yasmin with her. I looked around for help but everyone vanished.

In this world, only the strong survive. I started to tear up.

Mom I will fight.

"Andy don't cry, I love you Andy." He started to chase after me.

I jumped high up once more it was almost four feet above him; I started to spin rapidly, my legs extended hitting him numerous times. His body crashed to the floor.

"You're amazing Andy." He started to get up again, he was like a zombie.

"Let's scape Andy, no one will know."

"Fuck you!" I couldn't beat him so I ran as fast as I could.

Who the hell was he?