So much for her happy ending:

Guy (Sits down next to his friend): Hey, what's up?

Girl: Nothing. You?

Guy: Same here. Can I ask you something?

Girl: Sure. What is it?

Guy: I have a little problem and I need some help.

Girl: Okay, what is it?

Guy: There's a girl I like and I want to be with her but she likes someone else. What should I do?

Girl: Oh, I see.

Guy: Yeah. So, what should I do to get her to like me?

Girl: I don't know. I'm just like you. I like this guy but he likes someone else.

Guy: Okay.

Girl: I really don't know what to do but I think you should go talk to her.

Guy: Okay, I will.

Girl: Can I ask you something?

Guy: Yeah, sure go ahead.

Girl: Who's this girl you like?

Guy (Points at a girl standing far away from them): That's her.

Girl: Oh…..okay.

Guy: I think I will talk to her. Thanks. (Stands up) Hey, maybe you should talk to that guy you like.

Girl: Yeah, I will.

Guy: Well, good luck. (Walks off)

Girl (to herself): I just talk to the guy I like………..and he doesn't have a single clue.

I had this story stuck in my mind for like three weeks ago and I finally written it right now. My God, does this suck. Also, it's suppose to be written like that formal thing F.Y.I.