while (sent[i])



return 0;



F7. Click.

Status: Success






You sit in the lab, in your isolated spot, having typed away furiously for the last two hours. You turn around and observe the rest of your class from the corner. You see the class beauty in a state of nervousness; her program's screwing up. You smirk to yourself and malevolently think: If only poor Miss Pretty had spent her time understanding what was going on in class instead of batting her eyelashes at helpless boys who generously donated their homework for her to copy.

Next to her is Mr Popular, trying to sneakily look into the cheat sheets he made the night before. You roll your eyes but know better than to complain.

You turn to the right and you see one of them: The self-proclaimed lords of Science, who solve all given math problems within 60 seconds, the types you know will be your boss someday. He's practically hyperventilating- how will he get into Harvard or IIT with only 90% in Computer Science? And you're feeling pleasure-a sort of vindictive pleasure- at the fact that Mr.'I'm-such-a-genius' is failing. Miserably.

That very morning...

'Shit. Shit shit shit shit. How the hell do you check if a sentence is a palindrome?'. Books flying around, classmates frantically trying to learn code, high-pitched screams. The morning of comp practicals. Amidst all the panic, you sit in your place calmly. 'Jay, can you explain this function to me please?'

' Kay,' you say, and launch into an explanation of matrix multiplication programming, even though you know she's screwed.

From the corner of your eye, you see one of those nerds (or morons as you refer to them in your mind) shaking his head sorrowfully. 'What?' you say defiantly.

'Nothing,' he says quickly, and you start to explain why a for-loop is preferable in this situation when you see the aforementioned moron mouthing 'Why are you asking her for an explanation?'.

'What's your problem?' you say.

'Nothing! Nothing at all. It's just that girls aren't good at science.' His tone falls towards the end, but you know he wants to scream it out at you.

'Shut up you loser. Apparently you never paid any attentions in History & Civics- Women have the same rights and abilities as men.'

'History and civics,' he snorts. 'That's what someone like you should be studying. Why didn't you just take Arts and leave Science to people who actually understand it?'

'Right that is enough! I'm so tired of your boys are better at science crap-'

'I say that coz it's true and you should just-'

'Guys, cut it out. 'It's his best friend, tired of these fights. 'It's so not worth wasting time-'

'talking to idiots like her? You're right, ' he says contemptuously and allows his friend to lead him away. You stand there, still in a rage. One of these days you'll get back at him. Someday soon...

Thump! The kick on your chair brings you back to the present. 'Ouch! What the heck did you do that for?'

'Sorry.' He says sheepishly. 'I didn't mean to startle you'. You continue to glare at him.

'What do you want? Or did you kick me because you haven't pissed me off enough for today?'

'Well I've been trying to ask you something for the last ten minutes, and you've just been staring into space. '

'Oh? What could the future IITJEE AIR 1 want of a pathetic arts girl like me?' ,you whisper.

'I don't think you're an Arts girl – but definitely Commerce.'

'Un. Be. Lieve. Able. Even when you ask me for help you insult me.'

'Dude, I'm going to fail.'

'Dude, I don't give a damn.'

He shoots you puppy dog eyes. (Who does it even work on? His mum?)

'What do you want?'

'I have a doubt in the second question.' Pfft. What an idiot. Although that gave you a bit of trouble too...

'Oh, if it's messing up with an even number of rows, all you have to do ...'

'Um...to tell you the truth, I have no idea how to do this. At all.'

'Oh...' Now this is something you've never seen him do. Not acting like a know-it-all. Acting human...

But he's failing...it's what you've wished for the last few months or even years. You've wanted that oh so smug expression wiped off his spotty face. (not that your skin is any better, of course, but the bastard deserves every insult that you throw his way) the horrible expression that graces his face every time he does a tiny bit better than you.

'Could you put your computer on-line for a few minutes? I just want a look at your code, that's all.'

'But Takloo will screw me if he finds out!'

That's a lie- your favourite teacher believes you can do no wrong. He also, maddeningly enough, believes your least favourite person in the whole world is as perfect as you. Maybe this will open Takloo's eyes to reality.

'Yeah right! You're his little programming genius, he'd never be mad at you. So will you put it online then? Please?'

'No, no, I can't...'

He's getting desperate. 'Please? Do you really want this on your conscience? One of your classmates failed because you refused to help?'

'Well...' You finally give in, but you know you'll regret this later. You're called 'worst enemies' for a reason, right? 'It's called It's in folder jcbrx in D:'

You brace yourself for a comment on the file name as he starts to type...

'Thanks.' The relief in his voice is obvious.

One week later...

'Oh no. Oh god no.' It's the day of your Chemistry exam, and unless you can remember the chemical that , on warming, causes certain lead salts to form golden patterns , you're going to fail. You look around the benches in a panic and you spot him. 'Oi!' You say in an urgent whisper. 'Tell me the test for ...'

He makes his usual how-can-you-be-so-clueless face that's reserved especially for you. Ten days ago, that's all you would have gotten.

'Well you have to add some potassium iodide solution and then...'

'Than-' Nope, he's still too much of a prat. Besides, he owes you one.

A/N: The Science and Arts thing- in India , we pick 'streams' in grade 11, after our 'board exams'. The three main streams are Arts, Commerce and Science. The careers chosen are somewhat based on the stream chosen. Most Science students try to get into the prestigious IITs and face immense pressure.

Calling a science student a Commerce student is considered an insult, especially in an IIT. At least that's what my friend who goes there says.

IITJEE=Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (basically an admission test for IIT)

AIR= All India Rank

Takloo=someone who is bald. I've always wanted a bald teacher.

Well, that's pretty much it. If there's anything else you need a clarification on, PM me.