Friends. Best Friends.

We used to be best friends

Now I can hardly recognise you

We used to chat a lot

Figuring things out together

Begging our mothers for five more minutes

When it was time to go home.

Now those five minutes between classes

Are filled with strange silences

And feeble attempts at conversation

You used to tell me everything

Now I don't even know

Whether you like Edward or Jacob

We used to play around the swings

Now I'm lucky if you spare a second

To look at me

Across the playground

We used to go to movies

I'll be surprised if you

Bother to reply 'No'

But that's not what bothers me

What bothers me is that we're

Trying to keep this up.

But maybe it's not you,

It's just me

Maybe I should stop


That things will go back

To the way they used to be

To keep calling these

Pitiful ruins

Of what used to be

A deep bond

Pretend everything's normal

Maybe we shouldn't do this anymore

A clean break

Like we had with our other friend

Three long years ago

Now you're getting chummy with her


Why ?

Is there a need in you to

Be popular

Don't I fit in

In the grand scheme of things

I'm so confused

What should I do?

There's no one to go to

When I need advice.

It used to be you.

You'd help me

Figure things out

So I'm asking you

Once again

For one last time

So please tell me

What I'm supposed to do.

But you won't.


A/N: R & R. Does the writing remind you of Stephenie Meyers' in any way?