Perceptional Sophistication

Duels of power,
covert and secrete.
Capsules of protection,
built and bolstered.

Fables of friendships,
bristle and prick.
Tables of chimeras,
shatter and pop.

Dimples of history,
shallow and tarnished.
Candles of alliance,
dissolves and melt.

Girdles of living,
cumbersome and woeful.
Barrels of loneliness,
tumble and crush.

A/N: I spent a bit of time finding synonyms and some more 'sophisticated' (to some, these words aren't anything near that) words. So, please point out if you find any errors in usage of words because I have this feeling that there would be quite a few /laughs/. Feel free to give harsh critics (: Welcomed.

I believe, the imagery here is crap too, I tried, but because of the conscious effort in trying to fit in big words, I end up screwing up the whole imagery.