When You're Gone

Those dreamless nights, those etching memories,
Carved into my soul and mind, never to be lost.
The heartfelt words, the painful departure,
I'm all alone in this vast, endless land.
Crash in the minute, what am I to do?
Drowning in my pain, losing my sanity,
Just hoping I can drown in tears, and vanish from here.
You're my love, you're my life,
You're what fills my mind, what captivates my soul.
I fear when I'm alone, I'm afraid when you're not here,
I loose my faith, I loose my courage when you're gone.

A/N: Sorry if it doesn't express the longing and crave of a waiting lover... I'm just writing this out of randomness. I didn't base it on any past experience (I've none so to say).