Chapter 1

September 24th, 2009

Dear Diary,

It's my first time writing about what happens to me in a small book. You look so obnoxiously colorful as well, but at least you got my attention. That's what matters to me, I guess.
Sorry if all this comes over awkwardly… or is it just awkward I'm talking to a book?

Anyway, you're supposed to write about your day in this. It's a normal school day, so nothing very special happened. I got up, left for school walking. I don't take the bus, I'm not comfortable with all the people in there. You know, I'm not one of the most popular kids in school. I dare say I'm not a complete loser but I will most definitely be looked upon in the bus and I rather not be noticed by the more popular kids.

Well, that's not true. I wish I could fit in with the more popular groups so 'he' could notice me. Even though he's a popular snob and I'm just a dork, I can't help but adore him.

After school I had to pick up Bander from the doctor; he had to get something checked but my parents couldn't pick him up, so I had to do it after school. Weird name for a dog, right? It's from Alice in Wonderland, there it is Bandersnatch. I love that series, mainly because I share the name.

Alice thoroughly looked through her desk. It was no where to be found… It was too big to be in the pocket of her jeans or sweater so she knew for sure it wouldn't be in the laundry. How hard is it to find a diary in the space that was her room?

It wasn't a mess and the object was quite colorful. Alice looked under her bed again. She found some socks who undoubtedly had been under there for a while but nothing that seemed important enough to be her diary. Giving a frustrated sigh, Alice sat at her desk and looked at her computer.

Finishing up her visits to various site, she got dressed accordingly, pushed her glasses up a little higher because it is only logical to be misplaced after her search and grabbed her bag for school. She hopes she's going to find the diary. She's been writing in it since September, about four months now. Actually, like a small child's fantasy, she hoped she could one day write it up in a bundle and look back at it when she was older. It would be no good if she lost it!

Besides, there were a lot of pictures stamped in there; from her friends, her family. From him, one too. Alice blushed at the mere thought and quickly ran downstairs, noticing she had to hurry.

"Mom, have you seen my diary?"

Her mother blinked and looked away from her laptop. "Sorry, what?"

"My diary." Alice asked patiently, quickly putting her shoes on. Her mother looked at the clock and shook her head.

"No, maybe it's in the office? You're late for school."

"I checked there.. well I'm off! Bye!" Alice had truly rampaged through her entire house. She didn't want to let her parents read what she wrote in there because, being the teenager she was, she had quite some outbursts in there about them, mostly about them always working.

Her first few classes went by normally and boringly as ever. The only high point for her was when her friend Brooke announced she wanted to invite Alice for a sleepover next weekend to which she agreed of course.

Right now she was at the end of a free period and standing at her locker, ticking in the code before she got to open it.

"Hey there four-eyes."

Alice opened her locker and hummed a soft response to the guy who greeted her so… politely, Damon Sallsbury. He was with the more popular groups and Alice never spoke to him at all. As far as she knew they had about three classes together and he had a girlfriend whose name she forgot.

"How you doing?" He asked happily and Alice, out of his sight behind her locker-door, blinked awkwardly. Did he mistake her for someone else or is he really trying to converse with her? Refraining from making any sarcastic comments she leaned back a little to look at him (yup, still the same and not one of her friends), she shrugged.

"Fine I guess."

He smiled at that and eyed her up and down, making her feel uncomfortable. Alice stood closer to her locker and positioned her bag between the lower locker and her knee, switching some of her books at the time.

"It's polite to ask it back, you know. But it doesn't matter. It's not where I came here for. Tell me, you really think that Levi is the cutest guy in school? Because I beg to differ."

A loud bang was heard when the bag efficiently slipped through Alice's knee and the lower locker. Frozen with shock, Alice looked underneath her locker door to the lower part of his body to ensure he was there. Widening her eyes, Alice looked back at the locker quickly.

It wasn't there. It wasn't in her house. Oh no.

Slowly, as if that would matter to the entire situation, Alice closed her locker and picked up her bag, her eyes transfixed on the colorful book he held in one of his hands. It was open and he was looking in it with a quite amused glance in his eyes.

"That's personal." She managed to squeak out and he only smiled wider in response, flipping a page as to prove a point before closing it and holding it behind his back.
"I take it you want to have it back and not let me read a single page more."

There was a catch here, she knew it. But instead of that Alice gulped and nodded, hoping that she would seem innocent or sad and he'd take pity on her. Hell wouldn't have that.

"Too bad." He said with a chuckle before stuffing her book in his bag. Alice looked at and wondered if she'd actually overpower him. Probably not. She's not that strong and looked about petite compared to him.

"Why not?" Alice quickly replied. There's no way he'd want to keep it for no reason. As she said, there was a catch. He leaned on the lockers casually, glaring at the kid who wanted to go to his locker there (the kid walked on) and tugged on a lock of his brown hair.

"Why should I? I should take serious advantage from this. Oh, we'll laugh for days when this comes out."

Her biggest nightmare and he knew it. He probably read somewhere around October or November that she didn't want Levi to find out she liked him, he'd think she's worthless. Alice felt like crying. This was not how her ordinary Thursday was supposed to be. It had to school, homework, diary and sleep. Not some idiot waltzing in reading her diary!

"Unless, of course, we can make a deal!" He suddenly claimed when bell ringed and Alice knew that she'd get scolded for not being on time. But right now she didn't care.

"A deal?"

"Yeah. You up for it?" Well, normally it depended but Alice couldn't let it slip. She couldn't have him tell everyone, she still had to go one year of high school after this! And she definitely didn't want to change schools because she find it hard enough to make friends as it is. So she nodded and he grinned satisfactorily .

"There's a choice: Either this diary will be handed to him, or... you'll be my girlfriend for the rest of this year." Why the second option of course!

Wait, what?

"But that's five more months!" Alice shouted, before putting her hand on her mouth. Woops, she shouted. He shrugged at her and got up from leaning against the lockers. "And what about your girlfriend!"

"Angelique? Oh, we broke up on friendly terms last week." Last week… Alice groaned at his disability to stay single for a while.

"Why would you want that?"

"Just pick an option now, four-eyes!" He snapped impatiently and Alice blinked. Well, according to what she proclaimed earlier she would never, ever pick option one.

"…Fine. Can I get it back now?"

"Nope, not until June~"

How unfair! Alice watched in horror as he turned around and left for class while waving his hand to her. "I'm off too class then, pumpkin! See you at lunch!"