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Chapter 21

Cheshire looked at her, and Alice wondered if cats could actually feel an accusing sort of anger. Because she felt guilty looking at the poor thing. Alice had been so absorbed in making and studying for her exams, she completely forgot to train and play with the kitten.

And he sure did take his freedom for granted. In a single week he'd succeeded in making both Alice's and her mother's life miserable by breaking her grandmother's vase, ruining the flower beds in the gardens, trashing Alice's homework and defecated on the carpet.

She was slowly starting to wonder if Damon had chosen this cat specifically for her. Still, once he pulled the big eyes and started to slowly crawl over to her, she couldn't help but giggle and pick him up.

"Oh who's a pretty boy? Yes you are!" Alice said, nosing him and the cat tried to back his face away. If it was one thing the cat didn't like, it were kisses on his nose. Only Alice was allowed to do so without getting scratched.

"I hope you're going to be a cute little kitten for a long time. That carpet's going to take forever to clean. Not to mention I have to pay for the vase!"

Cheshire mewled as if he didn't care and lazily spread across a special-made-for-him pillow. Alice shrugged and lied down next to him, closing her eyes. Now that the exams were finally over, she only had to get her report card.

She'd probably get trouble from her friends at school, because she'd been inactive for the three days they were free between exams and today. She was so tired from the studying and problems, she decided to lie down in bed all three days and do nothing but reading and watching bad movies.

A sudden beep declared a text message and Alice opened her eyes, rubbing Cheshire's belly. "I'll be off then." She ran her fingers over his back before standing up and walking downstairs.

Once outside, Brooke smiled and waved, and was surprisingly not-angry. Maybe she was saved… "And where have you been young lady?"

Or maybe not.

"I was tired!" Alice defended quickly, raising her chin. "Besides, it wasn't like you needed me so much. You're packing for your vacation anyway."

"I still don't know what to match with that red skirt I bought… but still! It would've been nice to hear you were alive."

"I texted!"

"Which gave me the feeling you were watching some old ladies movie."

Alice laughed it off and they were met with Emma a short while later, after they took the bus to their school.

She didn't mind coming to school to receive their report cards. It never took long, and thanks to the internet she knew all of her grades already, so there was no surprise at all.
Stuffing the last few things from her locker into her bag, Alice caught herself looking down, underneath her locker door. He wasn't going to be here anyway, but she couldn't help herself! It almost seemed normal he'd wait for her here.

Sighing, Alice closed her locker and began walking over to the assigned classroom. She amused herself with the idea teachers wanted them out as soon as possible so they could go too, and she couldn't agree any less… but if some others knew about it as well (which they undoubtedly did), they could hang out here a little longer.

Even though she didn't expect it, it didn't surprise her when she was suddenly met with Damon. He came from the corner and waited for her until she caught up, walking next to her.

"How's the cat?" He asked nonchalantly and Alice grimaced, thinking about all the trouble the kitten caused.

"A lot like his previous owner." She said back with a slight tinge of sarcasm, which made him snicker.

"That's what I picked him for."

Alice chuckled and soon they reached their classroom. Damon sighed and turned to her again. "Can I talk to you?"

"What, now?"

He shrugged. "If you wouldn't mind. Teacher's not here anyway."

Alice looked inside the classroom, and it just started to fill in with students from her class. It occurred to her Damon wasn't in this class, but he still followed her over here, so he must wanted to say something serious.


He grinned. "Listen well because I'm only going to say it once, okay?"

She nodded, wondering what could be so important. He could make such a big fuss out of something so small… ah, she could do that as well, though.

"Will you go out with me?"

Alice literally gaped at him like a dead fish. Knowing that wasn't very attractive to look at, Alice closed her mouth quickly, before stammering out something unrecognizable and blushing. "W-w-w-w-what?!"

Damon grinned, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "Will yo-"

"I heard that!"

"I want to do this properly. No diary to blackmail you." He said in a low voice, looking in her classroom. He grimaced slightly when he saw Emma and Brooke looking at him predatorily, and he knew that if he made Alice cry, he was dead.

Alice raised her eyebrows and stared at him hard, trying to figure out why he wanted that. Seeing no obvious solution, she just asked. "… Why? I thought you disliked me."

Alice almost wanted to announce the world turned over in its grave when he blushed. This wasn't supposed to happen! They were to be friends, and forget it all ever happened! And he shouldn't blush! Since when was he embarrassed?

"You're seriously dense if you thought that. I don't know why I try with you…"

She glared before looking away at his smile.

"I don't know if you're still all over him. But I want a fair shot too."

"I'm not and… I'm not sure."

"You don't have to answer or anything. You can even reject me. You should know that I'm going to charm my way into your life anyway and that you'll eventually bow to my every command."

There was the Damon she knew.

"Charm your way in? I didn't know you could be such a gentleman, though."

"I try my best every time."

Suddenly the teacher walked into the classroom and looked at Alice expectantly. The whole class was staring now. She shrugged with an apologetic smile at Damon. "I need time to think about it, okay?"

He nodded and left while Alice took her seat, lying to her friends it was about the cat he gave her (it was partly about it, though), before she became incredibly edgy.

He wanted to try for real. Somehow she felt unbelievably excited by that. This meant he liked her, still liked her, even though she thought she messed up with their fight lately. The idea he was going to stalk her and try to 'charm his way in' didn't upset her at all either. Alice stared out of the window, smiling goofily. She could just as well skip the whole trouble, just to give him some credit.

Alice rubbed her hands over her cheeks, knowing she was blushing and also knowing her friends were looking at her amused. The hell with it. "Can I go to the bathroom?" Alice suddenly pronounced in the middle of the teacher's speech, and even though he looked annoyed, he gave her the ok-sign and Alice jumped up, leaving quickly.

She thought they'd be released in no time, but surely they got the teacher with the longest speeches this year. At least she got dismissed.

She rounded the corner quickly to where she knew his classroom was, before she bumped right into someone.

"Ah, skipping out too?"

Alice really couldn't be bothered with him now. She smiled at Levi and shrugged, muttering something about bathroom. If he was skipping, that must mean his report card wasn't very good.

"Hey four-eyes,"

"Listen well because I'm only going to say it once, okay?" Alice mimicked and both Levi and Damon raised their eyebrows. Suddenly Damon looked a little angry and she thought it had something to do with Levi, but really, he could be dense as well.

"I'm going to save you the trouble and just let you sway me off my feet. And now on with it."

There was a silence for a while before Levi burst out in laughter and Alice blushed heavily in embarrassment. She couldn't believe she said that! Damon looked at her weirdly before he too, resolved to chuckling at her words. Alice huffed.

"And now I need to get my, eh, my report card." She quickly turned around, hoping they'd both forget about what she just did, because really, it was just a spur of the moment! Still laughing, Damon caught up with her and turned her around.

"Curse you, you're going to take away the fun of me trying to buy you in?" It wasn't as much as a question as she would've pictured it, but she huffed nonetheless.

"Forget I said it."

"Why? I can still make you feel embarrassed even when we're going out." She pouted and he grinned fondly at her, ruffling her hair. "The only thing I have to wish for as compensation is that you will never straighten your hair again. You look like a Barbie."

"Thanks a lot, Ken." Alice smiled. Hoping Damon would get the point when she wrapped her arms around him. He obviously did because he looked a lot more proud of himself when he noticed Levi chuckle and leave.

"Can I kiss you, now? I suppose it's better to ask to avoid the drama you made last time."

She was happy to say she could still feel annoyed with him and like him at the same time.

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