"Alexandria Lopez, you better be out of bed!! We have to be out of here in 45 minutes." a voice boomed from behind my bedroom door.

I groaned rolling over to glance at the clock on my bed side table. 6:45. Why the hell did school have to start in the morning? Did any body ever think that kids would enjoy school if it started around noon?

As I pulled the blanket back over my head hoping to get a few more minutes of sleep, I heard that banging again.

"Alex! If you're not up in five minutes a glass of water will go over your head!"

"You wouldn't dare?" I shouted back, knowing that she wasn't lying.

"Try me and see! 5 minutes." My sister, Maria, said before walking down the hall.

I remember when Maria got custody of me a lot of the kids at school said I was so lucky to be with my sister and not parents. But I think sometimes she is worse them mom and dad was.

There is 9 years between Maria and me. I was one of those unplanned babies, and two weeks after Maria's 18th birthday mom asked her if she wanted me. Like I was some unwanted puppy she could just pass to another family.

Knowing the mom would put me in foster care if she didn't agree, took me in about 2 months later. That was the last time I had seen or heard from mom, it has just been Maria and I ever since.

"Alex, are you all most done in there?" Maria said, knocking on the bathroom door. I so wish that we could afford an apartment with two bathrooms.

"Just a minute. I need to finish my hair." I shouted, glancing at myself in the mirror. I never really thought myself as pretty, but I didn't think of myself as ugly either. I just said I was an average 15 year old girl.

"Alex now!"

"Fine, I'm done." I said, opening up the bathroom door.

"Remember that you need to come home straight after school today. There is something that I need to talk to you about."

"Yeah, I know. I just don't see why you won't tell me know." I said, heading back into my bedroom to grab my school books.

"Just get going or your going to miss your bus. And don't forget your lunch." Maria shouted, just as I grabbed the paper bag off of the kitchen table.

Walking down to the bus stop my mind trying to figure out what the big mystery was, I didn't even hear my best friend run up from behind me.

"Alex!" Molly Smith said, slamming her hands down on my backpack causing me to jump.

"Molly, do you really have to do that ever single morning?" I asked.

Molly and I have been best friends since before we could even sit up. We met each other in the daycare center that mom used to put me in when she got tired of me. Sometimes I even wonder how we are still friends. We really have nothing in common.

"Yeah! It's funny that you jump ever single time!" Molly said, laughing at me causing me to glare at her.

"I still don't find it funny at all." I said taking a seat on the bench that was at our bus stop.

"Alex, you really need to learn to relax. But do you want to hear the big news that I have this morning? Or are you going to be mad at me?" Molly said, fake pouting. She really knows how to get her way.

"Fine, tell me!" I say, causing her to smile huge.

"Brian finally asked me out last night." She said, squealing causing me to flinch.

Brian Evens, the guy that Molly has had a crush on since the 1st grade. They were like the perfect fit for each other. He was the jock and she was the cheerleader. Brian was the only freshman to make it on the varsity football team.

"Wow Molls! That's wonderful." I said, trying to at least act like I was excited about it.

"Jeesh, Alex. Could you maybe be a little happier? This is like most important thing to happen to me. Know that dream that I have about us getting married and having kids can finally come true." Molly gushed, as the two of us got on the bus.

"Yeah yeah yeah." I said, sitting in the first empty seat.

"Alex." Molly sighed, giving me a look. What did she expect? She knows that I don't believe in the fact that people can fall in love and be with one person for the rest of there life.

"I'm happy for you Molly! I really am." I said, smiling at her.

"Good. Now do you want to hear how it happened?" Molly said, and for the rest of the bus ride she gushed about how Brian had asked her out the night before. The way she talked about it you would have thought he proposed. By the time we got to school, I was about ready to scream if I heard Brian's name again.

"There is just one thing. Can we change our movie night to Saturdays?" "Molly, we've had movie nights on Friday since we were four." I said.

"I know. But Brian's football games are on Fridays and I really want to see him play. But after the football season is over we can change it back." she said, pleading me to say yes with her eyes.

"Fine! But after the season is over, it's going back." I said, being all most knocked over by Molly pulling me into a hug.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'll see you in English!" Molly said, running over to talk to Brian who was waiting at her locker.

'Who would ever think that life could change just after one bus ride?' I thought to myself as I made it to my locker.

Little did I know my life was going to turn more upside down after I got home.

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