His eyes remained focused on the target as he fired the shot. Bang! He held back the gun and looked. He had missed it by a hair's breathe. He groaned as he reloaded the Glock 17 and fired a straight line down the body of the target dummy. He heard it fall in two as he took off his goggles and ear muffs. He moved to the punching bags and started with vicious hits with both his hands and legs. He chose not to wear the gloves so he could pour all the frustration out but it still didn't help. He growled as he viciously pounded the bags harder and faster, he was motivated by raw frustration.

"Sir, your package arrived."

He gave one final kick to the punching bag causing it to break from the wall and fall to the ground but he took no notice as he crossed the room to the door and grabbed the package from the hands of the messenger. He left the basement and ascended the stairs trying to hold on to his patience especially in front of his men. He entered the foyer and ignored all their silent greetings as he took the stairs two at a time till he got to the second floor.

"I don't want any interruptions unless they're absolute emergencies." He told the two guarding his door as he entered his office.

He crossed the room in three strides, tearing open the package as he went along and his mind going back to the memory of the night that had started all the confusion.

It was a cold night and that was the only reason he was out. He enjoyed ignoring the world half of the time but he never ignored it when it was cold and his mind told him to go out. That particular night his instincts had been particularly prominent in his mind and had rapidly come out into the open the minute he had stepped out of the mansion. He quickly found the cause of his unsettled mind in front of his house. He had watched for a moment wondering what the female was doing in his territory first of all when she wasn't part of his men. The female had stared back at him with a look of curiosity that quickly turned to disgust when he smirked. He expected her to walk away but instead she stood watching him till one of his men called him and he turned. By the time he turned back she was gone.

He walked out the drive way and saw her walking on in her high heels and well tailored suit. He smirked and followed her. He knew she sensed him but he ignored it. She kept on walking till she passed an alley and a group of men walked out and cornered her. He was prepared to help her but he stopped when he noticed her defending herself. He smiled at that and remained in the shadows till she was done and entered a car parked behind a tree. He got the plate number and went back to the house. The woman intrigued him and he planned on finding her.

He took out the picture and stared at it for a moment, his senses screaming in recognition; she was going to be his. He had made up his mind over the issue in the day that followed the encounter.

Name: Michelle-Marie Alexandria Lee

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Eye color: Midnight blue

Hair color: Black

Everything else in the file was information on her whereabouts and her activities. There was nothing else provided. That was the way things were done in his world, only the necessary was provided. He stared at it wondering if he should just forget it. A single word on the paper quickly caught his eye. He smiled as he picked his phone and dialed his right hand man.

"Yes boss?"

He looked at the picture one more tie, committing the small oval face with pink perky lips, a small button nose and the sharp midnight blue eyes that gazed at him through the glasses to memory. He smiled; she was going to make a good trophy.

"I have a job for you."

To all my lovely readers this is my new story. This one is strictly humans. I hope you all will like this one as much as I do. The prologue is different from the rest. The story will be in first person of the girl.

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