twilight: and there I spied
the mothering full moon, its antique gloss
perforating the smooth, dark dawn
in which it suspended itself

she (for whilst I was caught in rapturous amore,
the sexless voluptuousness became softly effeminate)
glinted down at me, glimmered, shook
her shiny things and tempted my
orpheus-strung eyes to stare

caught: in the twilight
and there I was spied spying
the one late treasure still
hung in the sky
she caught me
and my feet became hooves, and my ankles
were twigs, and my eyes
engulfed everything in their fearful noir

averting, away--- cantering far from
the fatal drops of her
and, stung like the twilight hour, actaeonic guilt
besieged my senses; for when I descried her hallowed disk,
the moon shrieked and struck
my breastbone.

and my vast orbs swallowed
no more dawn.