Well, lately I've got to tell you.
I've been feeling a little down.
I've been wandering around for hours
With my eyes fixed on the ground.
Tryna figure out what's going on
With you and I these days.
'Cause a year ago we were so in love
We already knew what we would say.
But these days we seem so distant,
And it's kind of breaking my heart.
Boy, please don't leave me here all alone
You swore we'd never part.

I just don't understand.
Please talk to me, talk to me.
I wish I knew your hand,
'Cause I miss the way we used to be.
And it seems like you just don't care anymore.


Hey girl, I know I'm hurting you
And it's killing me inside.
But I'm just trying to do what's best for us.
Just trying to do what's right.
And I know I've had you crying,
And I know you haven't smiled,
But I've been trying to be the best
Man I could be all the while.
I hope you know I love you,
And I'll never forget your name.
But it's time that I say goodbye,
God, I'll never be the same.

I know you don't understand,
But it's the way it's gotta be.
I wish I knew fate's hand.
'Cause it's pulling you away from me.
And I just want to hold you close but I have to let go.


All I want is your happiness,
'Cause God, your smile's a sight to see,
And I hope you find someone better than
Worthless, old me.
I'll love you forever and always,
But it seems it's not enough.
I've been trying to be strong without you,
But I fear I'm not that tough.
This feeling is driving me crazy,
'Cause I know we were meant to last.
I hope we meet in the future 'cause,
I'm living in the past.

And I don't understand.
I still feel you next to me.
Is this fate's hand?
I feel like fighting destiny.
'Cause I still love you more than anything.

It's been two years and I'm still sitting here,
Looking at this screen.
Reminiscing all the good times I had of
You and me…