Time Frame: Lauren and Peter are living in NYC for the time that Lauren is in Guys N Dolls on Broadway with a daughter who is a freshman at Barnard College.

Chapter 1

One evening Lauren is cleaning her livingroom in her place in NYC when her and peter's college freshman daughter Lyla comes in.

''Hello?'' she questions

''in here hunnie!'' Lauren calls out to her

Lyla walks in carrying her laundry basket.

''hey hunnie hows your headache?'' Lauren questions her

Lyla just shrugs 'oh I don't know just hurts.'' Lyla tells her

''did you take anything for it?'' Lauren asks her

''no.'' Lyla tells her

''why not?!'' Lauren asks her

Lyla just shrugs.

''okay well I think your just hungry and need to eat something. I ordered chinese it should be here in a little bit.'' Lauren tells her

''ok good where's dad.'' she says and drops her basket on the couch

''your father's still at work sweetie why?'' Lauren asks her

''no reason just wondering.'' Lyla says and picks up her laundry basket again

''whoa whoa whoa where you going?'' Lauren asks her

''um to do my laundry.'' Lyla tells her and starts to walk away

Lauren gently grabs her arm ''Lyla wait hunnie wait what's wrong with you?'' Lauren asks her

''there's something wrong you don't look so good.'' Lauren tells her

''just have a headache I'm fine Mom really.'' Lyla tells her

''okay.'' Lauren says and lets her go and do her laundry like she wants and watches her then decides to follow her to the laundry room

''so how's school?'' she asks Lyla watching her sort her dirty laundry

''it's fine just a lot of studying.'' Lyla tells her

''have you been going to your chiropractor appointments?'' Lauren asks her

''no not for a while why.'' Lyla tells her

''oh and why not/how come?'' Lauren asks her

''because I just haven't had time Mom!'' Lyla tells her

''well I think you need to make one.'' Lauren tells her

''I was planning on going tomorrow anyways.'' Lyla tells her

''okay good.'' Lauren says

''so are you staying here tonight or?'' Lauren questions her

''oh well I don't know all my stuff is at school and I don't really have anything here but it would be good to get away for a night.'' Lyla tells her

''okay good.'' Lauren says

''so do you need any help?'' Lauren asks her

''no I got it.'' Lyla tells her closing the washing machine door

''okay.'' Lauren says

The girls leave the washing machine room and Lyla turns off the light.

Lauren takes her back over to the couch.