Chapter 3

A little while later the doorbell rings and theres a knock on the door.

''Peter can you get that please?'' Lauren asks him

''I really can't get up right now.'' Lauren tells him still holding Lyla

''yea sure sweetie.'' he says and goes to answer the door and pay the delivery guy and takes the food and shuts an locks the door and comes over and sets it on the coffee table in the livingroom

''hunnie.'' Lauren says softly to wake Lyla

''mmm.'' Lyla groans

''food's here.'' Lauren tells her

''mm kay.'' Lyla says

''you hungry?'' Lauren asks her

''mmm.'' Lyla just groans

Lauren lays her down gently and starts opening the chinese boxes.

Lyla sleeps for a little bit longer then finally starts to wake up.

'here hunnie hungry?'' Lauren asks her handing her a plate and fork

''mm hmm.'' Lauren tells her and picks out her own food and puts it on her plate

''here hunnie.'' Lauren says giving Peter a fork and plate

''thanks.'' he says and puts some food on his plate and sits down on the couch with them

''oh you want some wine?'' Peter asks her

''oh I don't think we have any here. I haven't gone out shopping yet. I just think that there is some bottled water in the fridge.'' Lauren tells him

''okay he says and gets up to go and each get them each one and brings them back over to the couch and gives them to them and sits back down with his plate of food and eats with them.

''so how's school hunnie?'' Peter asks her

''fine.'' Lyla tells him

''good and your roommate?'' Peter asks her

''she's fine she's always out so I pretty much get my apartment all to myself.'' Lyla tells him

Lauren coughs ''what?1''

''oh come on Mom it's college where you get to stay out al night long and come home at like 2-3 am sometimes not at all and just sleep over at other friends dorms and stuff.'' Lyla tells her

''oh that wasn't me.'' Lauren tells her

''I only did that like a few times and if your grandpa ever finds this out he would probably kill me.'' Lauren tells her

''What?!'' Lyla questions her

''you mean that grandpa never knew you did that or still doesn't know?'' Lyla asks her

''yea shh.'' Lauren tells her

Lyla just smiles and eats.