Forget Me Not

A single forget-me-not

On the very first date

The first time I noticed that

You cleaned up pretty nicely

And maybe it would just be okay

If we fell in love for awhile


A single forget-me-not

Lies sweetly on my front porch

A silent signature

Weaving stories and tales of soft kisses

And baby blue eyes

Just around the corner of my street


A single forget-me-not

On top of red bed sheets

Waiting like an old friend

To be placed aside

Making room for two cold bodies

To warm up as one


A single forget-me-not

Picked reluctantly from a garden

The same eerie place where you

Whispered goodbye

Where once smiling blue flowers

Never looked so grey


A single forget-me-not

Wilted peacefully on the window sill

Where I looked outside to see you

With a girl in one hand, a flower in the other

I thought you would forget me not

But I guess I was wrong