I know you've been hurt,

I know you've been shot,

I know you've been cut on,

And I know you've been forgot.

I know I've laid beside you enough,

To know that at night it comes back,

And I know it haunts you and hurts,

A hell of allot

And I know that when you awaken,

I'll ask you not to tell me,

Because I know

That it won't matter.

I know you'll smile and say that you forgot.

I know you're sad

And scared and mad,

And you're angry, because it's not fair.

We know it's all gone,

And it's nothing we can repair.

But then there's always the morning light.

Each day changes,

And it all brings a little light.

And a smile from you puts my mind at ease.

It's something in the warm summer breeze.

And then I know,

That none of it seems to matter anymore,

Our memories are scattered, out on the floor.

And a sweet smile plays on my face,

As I walk among them remembering, at my own slow weary pace

And as I reflect

I realize that they're haunted, and sad, and filled with pain,

But I know it will all be ok.

Because I know, that these memories aren't the ones that will stay.

Only the ones of you will brighten each day.

Because I know that every day and every night,

You and your memories send my soul into flight.

Because it's you I adore.

And I know there's no one I could love more.