When your words run dry
I seek your expression.
When your face is hidden
I seek your eyes.
When your eyes are closed
I seek your embrace.
When your arms go slack
I seek your voice.
And when your words climb your throat, lie gasping on your lips,
Still I reach

I know that I'm a wanderer.
Happy as I am,
Still I seek,
Struggling against my own inaction,
Searching (searching always)
For something nameless and intangible.
Your arms calm me when I'm chomping at the bit,
And your voice pushes me when I tremble,
Rooted in my own doubt,
Afraid to take I chance I know I must take.

Though I may look over your shoulder,
Distracted so easily by a turn in the road,
I reach my hand blindly for yours
And I'm so grateful every time
Your fingers interlace with mine.


Haha rhyming couplet at the end. How very Shakespearian of me. Ha wow lame. This is for my boyfriend, who is entirely too good to me. I'm sick and wrote this while in a quasi delirium at 3 in the morning.