Just a poem I wrote about the world now and the peaceful conditions we will have in the future. Please read and review. This poem belongs to me so do not copyright my work. Thanks.

The time that past will come again

At what time we don't know when

With raindrops and rainbows in the sky

The sound of a mother and her deafly cry

The loss of a baby, small and true

A tiny mitten, a tiny shoe

The ground consumes all above

Graceful and sweet like the wings of a dove

Sorrow and pain begin to reign

Peace and love to never come again

Little feet no longer patter

Chubby cheeks that never get fatter

Life once lost will come soon

Like a dark night and a bright full moon

God in heaven will bring them back

The depth of his love will never lack

Have faith in god, he is the one

The one to bring back the sun

To never allow you to toil

Or our perfect human bodies to spoil

With love so deep who can waver

When we have god in heaven's high favor