I wrote this poem when my heart got broken. I hope you can sympathize with a broken heart, if so I am sure you will understand the pain that comes from it. Please R&R. This poem belongs solely to me and my heart that is now fully mended.

You gave me up without a glance behind

Nobody like you will I ever find.

Without you knowing, you stole my heart

I no longer exist, I've fallen apart.

A deep dark hole resides in me

I'm love blind, I can no longer see.

No one knows me like you did

No one can find me in the place that I'm hid.

My body now feels a constant ache

What we had, was it all fake?

Do you think of me at all?

Or have you just let me fall?

I've now moved on, I tell you it's true

I'm a new woman here without you.

By Lovably17