Their house wasn't large by any means. It was fine in the beginning with two people and no children. It was cosy, if a bit cramped, by the time there were several children.

However, when Ewan, the seventh child and only male, was born, there was scarcely any space to be found. Everything served two or more purposes and modesty was a dream of the past.

It was difficult for visitors to get use to. However, it was just as difficult for them to get use to space when visiting others.

Being a middle child was never any fun if you wanted to stand out. Barbara never really had that problem.

She just wanted to be a quiet little book worm. But a wallflower stands out in a family of jocks and prom queens.

Sometimes, Barbara wanted to run away. Maybe she would end up in a place where she could disappear into her books and no one would snatch them from her hands. A place where it was okay to be a wallflower.

But those were just quiet dreams which had no place in her loud reality.

The kitchen was quiet now. Ever since her parents and oldest siblings had passed through to the shadow glade, the house was silent.

No singing.

No joking.

No laughter.

The only sound Sheehan could hear was the bubbling of her soup. She sighed. She had made too much soup. Cooking for six when there was only two.

Tears fell down her face as she thought of all the food that would be wasted. All the food that should have been eaten by the rest of her family. All the food that they would never eat again.