Lonely gray pavement stretches between us,

A silent, mocking reminder

Of all the things we're powerless to change,

And the empty miles make me ponder…

The true nature of these feelings…

The loneliness clawing at me inside…

The depression fogging over my brain…

The sadness that just takes over and makes me want to hide.

The highways steal you away from me

And the long distance cleaves us in two

And all those damnable mile markers

Are enough to make anyone come unglued.

But at least we have technology,

The thin strand that binds us all

Together, however loosely,

The lifeline for which we all claw.

And it really is quite a blessing,

This common tie that we all share,

Because at least it let's us be together

Without one or the other being there

So, at least, when the miles are insurmountable…

And the roads just stretch for too long…

When the horizon swallows up state lines…

At least you'll know I'm not gone.

(At least not forever, because it means never saying goodbye)


L. Sherman