Title: Unfettered Glory

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Adventure

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own everything


Summary: Sol really didn't want to save the world. The Gods, however, had other plans.


This wasn't supposed to happen. He could feel his heart breaking as he reached out towards her. The ship she had been on was blowing up, an explosion of fire and metal lighting up the bright blue sky.

There were bodies going everywhere, but the only thing that mattered to him was hers. She was falling, a mess of long curls and torn white robes. They were too far from her to even try and save her, and he felt numb by that fact.

"Get her!" He snapped to his friend, molten eyes narrowed in a menacing glare.

Obsidian eyes closed and turned away from the scene of the sinking airship, "I can't." He admitted; voice barely above a whisper, "She blocked me. Nothing can go in or out of there."

Molten eyes hardened and he resisted the urge to punch something. Around him he could hear friends and alley's crying out, orders were being screamed, and people were running to and fro. None of that reached him; he couldn't take his eyes off of her descending body.


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