Time Frame: Lauren and Peter are younger than they in real life and have 2 and a half kid's Peter's son Roman whose 5-6 thier 2 year old daughter Mandy and Lauren's 17 year old sister Maggie who is babysitting while Lauren and Peter are on thier honeymoon who is almost like thier 3rd child.

Chapter 1

At the airport in Hawii Lauren and Peter have just landed and Lauren reaches in her pocket for her cell phone.

''ah what are you doing?'' Peter asks her

''I just wanted to make sure that they kids are doing okay and that they are behaving for Maggie and not destroying our beautiful house in wine country.'' Lauren tells him

Peter tries to relax her and holds her arm gently ''Lauren.'' he says comfortingly

''do you think they are ok?'' Lauen asks him

''I'm sure they are just fine.'' Peter tells her

''I just want to check in.'' Lauren tells him

Peter looks at her ''okay and then after this that phone goes away for rest of the honeymoon.'' Peter tells her

''can't then the kid's won't be able to reach us if there is in an emergency.'' Lauren tells him

''then they will call the next door neighbor.'' Peter tells her

Lauren tries hard not to agree with him but givesin because she loves him so much and calls the house.

''Hello?'' Maggie says softly

''hey it's quite there what's up is everything okay?'' Lauren asks her

''yea the kids just went to bed a litle while ago.'' Maggie tells her

''good!'' Lauren says happily

''good so how is hawaii?'' Maggie asks her

''oh we don't know we yet just landed and we wanted to check in.'' Lauren tells her

''oh okay well everything is going fine Mandy had a little melt down because you were gone but she calmed down after a little bit

''really...'' Lauren bites her lip ''um how big of a melt down?'' Lauren asks her

''no that big as I've seen them get.'' Maggie tells her

''okay good.' Lauren says

''hey so go and enjoy your vacation and don;t worry about anything here just go and make hot love to that sexy husband and man of your's!'' Maggie tells her

''Maggie!'' Laurn says all embarrassed and is turning red

''gooooo.'' Maggie tells her

''okay fine love you bye.'' Lauren tells her

''love you too have fun bye.'' Maggie says and hangs up

Lauren hangs up and walks back over to Peter.

''sooo...?'' Peter questions her

''they're great!'' Lauren tells him

''good lets go and get our luggage.'' Peter tells her

''okay.'' she says and smiles

Peter wraps his arm around her back and they head down to baggage claim.